“Bitcoin soon to become legal tender in Brazil”, says congressman as “Bitcoin Law” passes committee and is expected to be approved by the brazilian Congress.

Bitcoin soon to become legal tender in Brazil”, says congressman as “Bitcoin Law” passes committee and is expected to be approved by the brazilian Congress.

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  1. As you can read using Google translator, the congressman (a long time bitcoin apologist, whose actions were decisive to avoid an outright ban in 2017) was interviewed by State-owned media (Rádio Câmara).

    Quite different from China, though, brazilian Congress state media routinely offers airtime even to opposition parties.

  2. This is MASSIVE. If it happens. Brazil is very important player in Latin America. This could really be the lift off point for bitcoin.

    This is really a major development for China and the IMF. The world is starting to wake up, they can see a way outta of the rat race and Cold War.

    Bitcoin the option out of American/China control.

    If this happens, you have to start looking at Iran and Russia. Will they start selling oil and natural gas denominated on a btc standard?

    All of this is happening so fast.

  3. to give some context, 3 years ago the president son (and politician) eduardo bolsonaro, posted a Q&A video of his opinion about bitcoin, he was very positive about banks adoption and argued about money laundry being a paper money issue, in next years election is likely that bolsonaro get re-elected, the CVM (our SEC) wants to classify bitcoin as an asset and a not currency, but they are aware of other altcoins serving this purpose

    we already got our version of CBDC last year called pix, and it is extremely popular, people are getting more familiar with the concept of not using paper money

  4. The race to become BTC legal tender has started…
    If all poor and emerging countries become BTC as a Legal tender, rich countries will not be able to stop BTC mainstream and they will board the BTC bus finally

  5. **From Bitcoin to Brazitcoin** – *central banks hate this smart new trick played out by forward thinking governments…*

    ^(We early birds are gonna be rich my homies, rich I tell thee!!)

  6. This is clearly in the direction of history.

    However, reading the article, I have a doubt when he says that there will be no political opposition.

    On the contrary, I think that in a country like Brazil, there will be opposition for the moment.

    But maybe I am wrong. We will see.

  7. OMG. the world is being led by second-world countries! The Saudis are next! Anyone guess to guess where the “petrol-backed” USD “unreserved world currency” is going? LOL

  8. As far as I understood it says it will give regulatory clarity and possibility to pay for things like houses, cars or McDonalds burgers with BTC. Nothing about legal tender AT ALL. Do not mislead, clickbaiter hypeman.

  9. This is very interesting. Will the Brazilian government require people to explain where they got their bitcoin from? More to the point – will people be expected to pay income tax on the bitcoin before they can use it to buy things?

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