Bitcoin stopped being an investment for me.

It became more of a lifestyle. I used to love my job, now I only work so I can DCA into Bitcoin. I never cared how much I lose in fiat terms. The last El Salvador dump was nothing to me, it felt just like the March crash. Bitcoin dragged me into the rabbit hole of the origin of money, economy, politics, game theory. I started questioning everything money-related in life. Just recently when the US withdrew their troops from Afghanistan, the only thing that caught my attention is how they left behind [billions (with a B) worth of military equipment](, like it was nothing. They would never do such a thing if they didn’t possess money-printing power.


Interesting times to be alive. I’m thankful to have been orange-pilled.

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  1. Exactly how I feel about my job. I am very careful to pick my battles now, as being able to DCA into bitcoin is more important to me than many work-related problems.

    After being disconnected from the matrix my perception of every aspect of life changed drastically.

  2. > I used to love my job, now I only work so I can DCA into Bitcoin

    Same. The main reason for me is that after working my ass off and kicking goals last year, the company said no bonuses and a <1% pay increase because of ‘economic conditions’, meaning in real terms, my pay DECREASED. Lesson learned: going the extra mile is only for the benefit of the company, while I need to spend more in real terms for my food and shelter. I see work as just cash flow now and do just enough to look like I’m busy, while educating myself about eco/finance as much as possible.

  3. These past two years have been the most eye opening “wake the fuck up” of my entire life, and I’d be shocked if anyone else just had like a fully “normal” 2020 & 2021. I mean with the way everyone has divided themselves along a binary us vs. them in order to make sense of the world – it’s us vs. them all the way down.

    When it comes to money, like OP it all seems like agreed upon shared piles of digital assets. Like when I trade stocks on my phone, sure the mechanics are completely different, but it’s at it’s absolute core the same concepts as crypto: I believe in a thing, I find others who also believe in it, we pool our resources, and we take turns taking resources out of the pool, and we tend to complain when others take out resources because they aren’t in the collection anymore.

    This is a reductivist take on how religion, stock markets, cryptocurrency, American politics & society, ponzi schemes, whatever involves humans & resources, all work at an ELI5 level. So basic, but the rules, laws, mechanics, systems, etc are all just window dressing to give an authority to it. The authority then needs a gatekeeper, which begets “power.”

    Power is then who controls the flow of resources. And they use the means of the era to make everyone argue about it to divert attention away from their hands on the levers until someone comes along to replace them doing the same. I’m just hoping crypto and it’s subsequent economic consequences replaces imperialism & the nation state with a different form of benevolent capitalism.

    Anyway, it’s been a weird introverted pandemic.

  4. The careless abandonment of billions of dollars also caught my attention. It was a self inflicted deadline; we could have evacuated the equipment. Sadly, the US is as wasteful or even moreso in so many other areas that are less noticeable.

  5. I started putting my AirBnB earnings into BTC the beginning of this year. It’s crazy thinking I’m trading time in my guesthouse for permission to write on the blockchain.

    Think of BTC like an ATM time machine. Deposit what you can afford not to pull out for at least 4 years. Profit. There is no middle step, it’s that fucking easy.

  6. My Dad was apart of the military industrial complex. He managed (M113 as shown in the graphic) armored personal carrier production. I am 40 years old. His company stopped taking contracts to build M113s before I was born and they are still repairing them. I borrowed money from him to buy Bitcoin and he agreed with my plan. I think he is ready to be orange pulled.

  7. Did you know banks create US dollars out of thin air?

    The central bank (federal reserve) sits at the top of the pyramid scheme and not only controls all other banks but can literally and does create money at will with no reserve requirement. They give this money to who they want, when they want and how much they want without anyone knowing or being audited. They’ll give you spreadsheets of generalities but they are meaningless. You best believe they are enriching their friends and family with cheap, forgivable loans. Google Max Keisers term cantillionaire. Basically the closer you are to the banking system, the richer you’re going to be.

    The banking system is a ponzi wrapped in a pyramid scheme. Those that started it and got in first rely on the rest coming after to take out more and larger loans to enrich them with the central bank at the top, then the regional banks followed by all the commercial banks–a literal pyramid.

    Bitcoin is just a spreadsheet of transactions we all get a copy of so everyone knows no one has created money out of thin air.

  8. > They would never do such a thing if they didn’t possess money-printing power.

    Exactly. Excellent point.

    > It became more of a lifestyle.

    Its not “bitcoin” that it is your lifestyle per se.

    Based on your description, the lifestyle you are awakening to is

    * freedom oriented libertarian thinking
    * basic economics
    * fiscal conservatism

    These things all existed long before bitcoin, but until bitcoin came around we lacked the key ingredient needed to make it all real: “sound money”. Gold and other metals were unable to function as sound money. In fact, gold was widely used to destroy sound money systems based on silver.

    Bitcoin is the holy grail of Classical and Austrian Economics; It has been the thing we have long sought as early as the 1700s, when Thomas Jefferson criticized the early American banking schemes in common sense terms.

    Mises summarized the need for it:

    > *It is impossible to grasp the meaning of the idea of sound money if one does not realise that it was devised as an instrument for the protection of civil liberties against despotic inroads on the part of governments. Ideologically it belongs in the same class with political constitutions and bills of right*

    Bitcoin is the sound money we have been looking for for centuries. My most sincere hope for mankind is that bitcoin will end the Fed.

  9. I am trying to get my family and friends aboard. I send them Saylor videos and encourage them to DCA what they can. Not successful so far except two friends. Nowadays, I don’t talk about unless it’s come up in discussion. Everyone buy Bitcoin the price they deserve!

  10. I’m on very similar situation, but very huge invested.
    In some way I would like to keep all in crypto forever, but in the other hand I think at somepoint I will cash out part just to sleep better, even knowing this fake paper money its almost worthless in my mind, still gives some kind of calm. in other words, I dont think I have balls to go longterm with +90% invested, maybe arround 40-60% would be enough for me after reaching certain numbers.

  11. Once you realize that you are investing in a thing that is absolutely scarce, it becomes an obsession. You want more and more. The leverage will be so high when a small percentage of population and companies will be orange-pilled too. Just wait, sit back relax and aquire some more in case of a dip. Totally understand how you’re feeling 👊🏻

  12. I’m considering mining for this very same reason. I got in at the beginning of 2020 for the cycle gains. I’m up multiple x, but my goal is no longer ‘get rich quick’. My goal is to accumulate BTC. My goal is no longer the next 6 months, its the next 10 years. Takes a while sometimes to get to that point but every mont that goes by, my conviction grows more and more.

  13. Ya, but you expand the thinking beyond Bitcoin next into curiosity of the concept of value itself. If a can of Coke is $1, is it $1? What is $1? What if they shrink the can? Value is all context in the first place and doesn’t exist until someone pays a price…

    So something is worth whatever someone pays for it. Nothing more, nothing less.

  14. It seems that billions in equipment is rather misleading. Most of the equipment left, while likely costing billions at some point, was basically either end of life, outdated or was left intentionally for the Afghan army to use for defense. Apparently the environment over there isn’t friendly to machinery and not shipping a worn out jeep back to the US just to have it sit unused until it’s scrapped seems more money conscious than wasteful.

    Not saying the military doesn’t waste a shitload of money, and rely on the old money printing government to refill its coffers, but individual departments don’t get to do the whole money printing thing, and if bringing the equipment back would have saved them money out of their budget that they could then use to buy new stuff, you can be reasonably sure they would have brought it back.

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