Bitcoin – The currency/store of value for a planetary type I Civilization

I love watching engineering/space/science videos to constantly humble myself and remind how small we are in the universe. Anyway, was rewatching one of the Big Think videos and listening to Michio Kaku talk about Type I, II, III civilizations on the Kardashev scale and how we’re advancing towards a type I civilization.

He mentions the internet being a Type 1 telephone system and English being a Type I planetary language amongst other examples. Then it struck me, Bitcoin could potentially be the birth of our Type I monetary system for the planet bringing us one step closer to reaching a full Type I Civilization status (assuming humans don’t destroy each other before we get there). Anyway, thought I would share it in case it might strike the same thought in anyone else too.

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  1. When I’m drunk enough, I like to fancy the idea that Satoshi is an alien federation that gifted us a ticket to an inter-galactic currency. When it’s our time, our race and our 21mm Bitcoin will join the other races and their stacks of sats so that we can further grow in exploration, trade and commerce.

  2. Makes sense. It’s all about evolution, and eliminating separation stories from identity, bringing togetherness, and ultimately peace. Bitcoin is a peice to the puzzle, a pretty fundamental one.



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