Bitcoin to Reach $168,000 Before the End of the Year, Predicts Wall Street Strategist

All we can do is hope that this will happen.

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  1. People talking about buying Teslas.

    This is why even if BTC hits $1mil in 10 years time all the people who were rich will still be rich and all those who sold will just have a 10 year old Tesla on the drive.

    SMH. Learn how wealth works. Then realise you’re holding the worlds greatest asset.

  2. Honestly, that’s where I see Bitcoin ending the year too. Somewhere between $150k-175k.

    Remember, just passing $100k is gonna take awhile. A LOT of people will sell at $100k, so the market will lose at least a week just crossing that barrier, without much movement.

    Mad Max Keiser says $220k this year. I hope he’s right, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I’m betting the under….

  3. I’m going to be “that guy” and say I’m concerned with inflation and numerous macroeconomic problems. All fiat currencies fail, just a matter of when not if. Bitcoin, gold, silver, are here to stay. Lessco Brandon.

  4. I think it’ll get there eventually. I think once people start figuring the governing boding are doing illicit things to artificially prop up GDP, people will move into things where thats simply not possible

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