Bitcoin transactions pending for over 12 Days

I sent low fee transactions 12 days ago its still pending on both end’s


anyone can get this confirmed how long this gonna take any help?

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  1. You didn’t include a high enough miner fee to get a miner to include your transaction in a block in a timely fashion. You can try to use [this transaction accelerator]( but spots a limited and you have to do it on the hour and the spots fill up fast. Your transaction will get dropped from the mempool if it’s not included in a block after two weeks.

    We’re in the middle of a bull run and there’s currently heavy demand and people send big value transactions using bitcoin and some users like them are willing to pay $20+ to have their transactions confirmed before everyone else and this raises the fees for everyone. If people start paying more then the people sending big value transactions (and impatient people willing to pay) will just start paying $40 to have their transactions confirmed before everyone else.

    Up until 2013 the amount of users and demand was low enough that you really didn’t even need to include a fee and your on chain transaction would usually get confirmed within 10 minutes.

    Bitcoin isn’t well suited for small that on chain unless you want to wait days for your transaction to confirm or pay a high miner fee. Fortunately bitcoin has something called the lightning network that allows you to send and receive bitcoins instantly at nearly no cost. You can use the lightning network peer-to-peer or you can also buy a lot of stuff and gift cards for practicality any big store. exchange already has the lightning network integrated so that you can deposit and withdraw bitcoin using it and exchange will be integrating the lightning network later this year.

    Bitcoin is also getting schnorr signatures and taproot later this year which will improve privacy, security, and efficiency. This will also lower the operating costs of running a node and the miner fees for exchanges by an expected 30%.

    The block size limit is also supposed to be raised sometime in the future which will increase the amount of on chain transactions per second that can be performed.



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