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I have founded a wallet on my mobile phone a few years ago. The app is called **Ethos**. The wallet is universal. There is a separate address for BTC, ETH etc. The issue is that the wallet has only **one 24-seed** which should recover all the “daughter” wallets.

I decided to transfer my BTC (in my case the wallet includes only BTC, not other altcoins) to Binance. I logged into the wallet and surprisingly was not able to send the amount without a PIN code. The issue is that there was not any PIN code before. In order to create a PIN code the users have to insert the **24 word seed phrase**. I have found a list with my seed words. The issue is that I have writted down only **23 words**.


I have found this app:


The app should be able to generate **possible missing words and existing addresses** when I write the 23 words and a questionmark on 1st, 2nd, 3rd…. 24th place. It has generated approximately 200 possible solutions. approx 8 words for every place. The issue is that none of the addresses generated next to the missing words is my “daughter” BTC address.


I guess the Ethos wallet has a special “parent” address for the “daughter” wallets.

Should I try all approx. 200 possible solutions from the app above? I can clearly see that none of the 200 possible addresses is actually my “daughter” BTC address. Is it possible that there are some other possible words for a “parent” address?


Thank you for your help! 🙂

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  1. Ian Coleman’s bip39 script works offline. You must know the correct order of words and try all possible combinations. The parent & daughter nonsense is derivation path. Generally should not need to mess with that but changing it will have an effect on which addresses you can see.

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