Bitcoin Unmoved as Israel and Palestine Verge on War – Trustnodes

Bitcoin Unmoved as Israel and Palestine Verge on War – Trustnodes

In a gruesome ritual of sorts, the world is once more greeted by Israeli airstrikes on densely populated Gaza with buildings turned to rubble.

“We have hit many hundreds of targets, high-rises are falling down, factories are collapsing,” said Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

For years now a third uprising has been predicted, yet in some ways no one saw this one coming. Tensions have been boiling for weeks, escalating to the point Israeli soldiers were firing tear gas in the holy mosque.

An apparent fire near there was cheered on by what must be extremist Israelis, with it now taking a new turn as rockets are randomly fired onto the air from Gaza, and rockets are fired from presumably jets onto Gaza buildings.

“If Israel wants to escalate, we are ready for it, and if it wants to stop, we’re also ready,” said Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas’ leader.

“Israel is not preparing for a ceasefire. There is currently no end date for the operation,” was the response of Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

Grantz’ soldiers killed nine children with the death toll rising. They’re used as human shields, the Israeli ambassador to UK said. Alas as their death atolls, they were quite an ineffective shield as clearly Israel does not refrain from hitting children.

Recently in fact there have been numerous videos showing Israeli soldiers ‘arresting’ and handcuffing children as young as seven and forcing them into vans.

There have also been videos of Palestinian families evicted from their homes, with the world just watching on as it has now done for decades.

Turkey has suggested an international peacekeeping force should be sent to Palestine. That presumably would be under some grand treaty by the great powers to impose a solution.

Because clearly where Israel is concerned it appears they are more and more of the view that the only solution is a gradual expansion of settlements to the point it all becomes effectively a Greater Israel.

The response of Israel’s ambassador to UK on whether she believes in a two state solution was that she believes in peace. Whatever that means, beyond the status quo which translates to the slow expansion of settlements until it engulfs the whole thing.

All of this couldn’t come at a better time for Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister. The nationalist has now lost two or three general elections in as many years and still gets to be in charge because Israel is a democracy, we’re told, and in a democracy you keep ruling even after losing.

Fact of the matter is they can’t get rid of him even though he has been in charge of Israel one way or another since the 90s. That obviously is not quite a democracy.

The political compass in Israel instead ranges from nationalist to ultranationalist, with ordinary Israelis by this point appearing to have scapegoated muslims to effectively a dehumanizing level and some of them are happy to even openly say so.

As such, a bilateral agreement between Israel and Palestine appears very unlikely as numerous attempts to reach them clearly show.

Therefore it is perhaps time that a solution is imposed. Sending in peacekeeping troops could be one such solution, but it’s not clear just how much will Biden has to really solve this matter.

So it may be that Israel gets to do what it wants, something that should be reflected on the price as geopolitics correlates with bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s price, May 2021

As we can see bitcoin has been on a pretty straight line for about two weeks now, something that might suggest the Israeli-Palestine situation is unlikely to get out of hand.

Otherwise perhaps a price appreciation should have been expected as Israelis, Palestinians and other near the region pile on safe haven assets.

It may be that Palestinians are just too poor, while Israeli’s don’t really feel any threat or risk within Israel, so this situation is not being reflected on price unlike many other situations.

It may also be an indication that nothing quite has changed. That we’re getting the same gruesome ‘show’ we’ve seen many times. Palestinians fire some symbolic rockets, Israel properly bombards Palestine, in a few weeks everyone forgets, while in the months ahead the settlement expansion continues unabated.

Or maybe this time Germany decides to settle scores for the null points during Eurovision 2019 held in Israel and teams up with Turkey to bring to reality this peacekeeping force which may well bring peace.

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