Bitcoin uses more electricity than Argentina and Norway

Despite the currency’s value having seen a recent decline, the energy used to harvest it has soared to a point where its annual carbon footprint is equivalent to or more than several countries including Argentina and Norway, according to an [analysis published by Cambridge University](

As the price of bitcoin skyrocketed over the last year, so has the amount of energy used to mine the cryptocurrency, prompting concerns about its environmental impact.

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  1. **Phony Environmentalism Alert**


    140,000 TWHr vs 75 TWHr

    75 is what percent of 140,000?

    (75 / 140000) * 100 = 0.0536%

    **About one twentieth of one percent.**



  2. Rubbish, the report is actually inconclusive and says this

    ## What are Bitcoin’s carbon dioxide emissions?

    *It is important to understand that energy consumption is not necessarily equivalent to carbon dioxide emissions and environmental pollution. For instance, one kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity generated by a coal-fired power station has a substantially different environmental footprint than one kWh of electricity produced by a solar park.*

    *In order to determine Bitcoin’s carbon dioxide emissions, and thus its real environmental footprint, the actual* ***energy mix*** *(i.e. sources of energy used to produce electricity) needs to be examined more closely. While some mining facilities disclose the energy sources used to power their machines, the exact energy mix of the majority of mining farms remains unknown.*

    *More recently, studies have shown that a growing share of total electricity consumption originates from renewable energy sources such as hydro, solar, and wind power. However, estimates are varying widely, ranging from approximately 20% 1 of the total energy mix to more than 70%.2*

    *In a second phase of this project, we plan to launch an interactive geographic map that tracks the location and energy mix of Bitcoin mining facilities. This granular data enables a bottom-up analysis that would lead to a more accurate representation of Bitcoin’s real environmental footprint.*

    You have just embellished it to fit your ignorant biased narrative



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