Bitcoin was invented to allow us to protect ourselves against this

[**Venezuela to issue 1-million-bolivar bill, but it’s worth only 50 cents amid raging hyperinflation** ](

Venezuela is set to have a new highest valued banknote of one million bolivars as soon as next week. But as the sanctions-hit country is facing enormous inflation, the bill is only worth around 50 cents.

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  1. Bought some bolivars on ebay last Christmas and handed them out to family members. They were excited until they looked up the exchange rate.

    Cheap lesson on the perils of inflation tho!

  2. That article is simply describing the lifecycle of monetized-debt fiat. Crypto has nothing to do with that barbaric idea, or it’s anti-civilization agenda.

    Why we have crypto, is to get around government/corporations control and make such primitive nonsense, obsolete.

    Why fight them, when you can ignore them and continue into the future without them, yeah?

    Which means, anyone tolerating KYC/AML is an anti-coiner sell-out pushing censorship on humanity.



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PAID Network Protocol Exploited, Attacker Grabs $3,000,000 in Ethereum