Bitcoin whales just split up $5.5B into smaller wallets

Bitcoin whales just split up $5.5B into smaller wallets

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  1. It means they think the next rally is coming soon. The article defines a whale address as a wallet that has over one thousand bitcoin, or 13 million dollars as of right now. Last run up bitcoin price multiplied 10 times.

    Would you really want 130 million dollars worth of bitcoin sitting on a single trezor or ledger? Theyre breaking it up into smaller pieces because shit happens.

  2. Wow. The og bitcoiners are starting to liquidate some of their piles. The time is coming folks. They were sat down by the big boys and informed they would have to sell at this price structure in order for bitcoin to go anywhere. The big boys all want a seat at the table and once they have it they will have a vested interest in its success. And the og bitcoiners will make even more money even though they halved their stacks



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