Bitcoiner Pro Tip: Memorize your 24 word seed phrase

When you set up your personal wallet, it generates a list of 24 words as a backup (sometimes it’s 12 words, depending on the wallet). This is called a Seed Phrase. You must write this down (preferably on a [metal plate]( and keep it in a secure location. Ideally, have two copies in two separate geographic locations.

The 24 word seed phrase is, essentially, your Bitcoin. DO NOT LOSE THIS.

But to be really secure, you should also ***memorize*** the 24 word seed phrase. It doesn’t take much time at all; maybe 1 hour or so. Just repeat the words (silently) over and over until they’re burned into your brain. I recite them in my mind every time I brush my teeth, so that’s twice a day.

This way, if for some reason I’m forced to leave the country immediately and I can’t take my wallet or my metal plate with the backup words, I can just leave without hesitation. All my Bitcoin is stored in my mind. Once I reach safety, all I need is a new wallet, I input the 24 word seed phrase, and BAM! I have access to my coins.

Remember to NEVER enter your 24 word seed phrase into any computer, website, or digital device. If you do, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR BITCOIN. You must only enter it into your own personal wallet.

Buy low, buy high. HODL.

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