Bitcoiner Pro Tip: Memorize your 24 word seed phrase

When you set up your personal wallet, it generates a list of 24 words as a backup (sometimes it’s 12 words, depending on the wallet). This is called a Seed Phrase. You must write this down (preferably on a [metal plate]( and keep it in a secure location. Ideally, have two copies in two separate geographic locations.

The 24 word seed phrase is, essentially, your Bitcoin. DO NOT LOSE THIS.

But to be really secure, you should also ***memorize*** the 24 word seed phrase. It doesn’t take much time at all; maybe 1 hour or so. Just repeat the words (silently) over and over until they’re burned into your brain. I recite them in my mind every time I brush my teeth, so that’s twice a day.

This way, if for some reason I’m forced to leave the country immediately and I can’t take my wallet or my metal plate with the backup words, I can just leave without hesitation. All my Bitcoin is stored in my mind. Once I reach safety, all I need is a new wallet, I input the 24 word seed phrase, and BAM! I have access to my coins.

Remember to NEVER enter your 24 word seed phrase into any computer, website, or digital device. If you do, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR BITCOIN. You must only enter it into your own personal wallet.

Buy low, buy high. HODL.

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  1. I met somebody through DMs who offers a service where they will memorize your seed phrase for you. It is amazing, free service…and this way I do not have to worry about forgetting or mixing up the sequence of words myself.

  2. I just got a new ledger device but haven’t put anything on it. I was singing the seed phrase in my apartment this morning to memorize it but now I’m all paranoid about doing that. People say to never utter the words out loud because a device nearby could be listening.

    Even though I highly doubt I was being listened to, I think I’m just going to factory reset the Ledger and generate a new seed phrase for peace of mind. Crypto paranoia is a very real thing. (・_・;)

  3. If yiu can remember 24 words, Why not adding + 25th word (pass phrase). If your seed 24 word compromised, they cant get anything, because they dont know passphrase. Just use very long passphrase which only you and your family knows. Ledger/trezor have this option as well.

  4. >It doesn’t take much time at all; maybe 1 hour

    And then it takes a week to forget a word or two.

    I would advise against memorizing, unless you expect a SWAT team to break in any minute of your life. Having it written down on a piece of paper is better. And tell your close ones where you put it in case if God forbid something happens to you (that’s another advantage of storing it on paper instead of your head – they won’t be lost).

    Another option is to save it to a txt file (on a computer without malware) and encrypt with a password that you will actually be able to remember. Use a strong AES 256 encryption software, for example 7zip. Then send it to your own email address (if you are sure that you won’t forget your email account’s password).

  5. I would say number 1 issue to loosing bitcoin is weak hands and selling on a dip.
    Number 2 is loosing access to Bitcoins, forgetting seeds, loosing software or hardware needed, number 3 is exchange going belly up, number 4 is being hit or having family members hit with a $5 wrench until you transfer attackers coins, number 5 is a hacker of some sorts. There are good ways to solve these issues and bad ways. I would suggest memorising is a really bad way. Your involved in a car accident and loose some of your memory, your Bitcoin is now gone.

  6. No point in doing both. Either rely on physical form or memorize it. And downside to the latter is if you get knocked on the head and lose your memory, it’s useless.

    If you already have it in steel and want another way to record it, why not just make another steel version and put in a totally different place? I don’t see the benefit of memorizing in addition to the steel plate when you could just make another steel plate for another location.

  7. How I did.
    Wrote down all 24 words to paper. In front of all words entered numbers from my bank pin. Mixed with other 100 words with other digits. Final list is 124 words, i know, which to use (only those which are after my bank pin digits). Encrypted to 7zip. Saved to cloud. Of course, there is passphrase as well. One copy is at Ledger.
    What risk I have?
    If hacker steals file, its encrypted.
    If he can somehow decrypt it, there are 124 mixed words.
    Even if he finds 24 words, there is passphrase he doesn’t know.



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