Bitcoin’s 434th death in 10 years

Bitcoin’s 434th death in 10 years

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  1. Most hilarious:

    >Don’t accept my word for it. Go read this article from Bitcoin magazine Why you should care about Taproot, the next major bitcoin upgrade.
    Explain what a sentence like, ‘A hash is the output of a hashing
    function, which takes a variable-length input and returns an encrypted
    result of fixed length,’ means in concise, plain English and why it will
    make you rich. It’s layering to give credibility to the con, with the
    added kicker of making you feel stupid if you can’t understand the

  2. tldr; I am pretty sure Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will continue to surprise us all, and that the greater fool is still to be found just around the corner. Cryptos have thrived because social media, the internet and connectivity have made it easy to disseminate the con around the global markets at incredible speed. Someday, the last greater fool will want his money back, and regulators will be exposed for not acting earlier.

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