Bitfarm the mining company from canada is building a new big farm in Argentina!

They are going to build the new farm in the Patagonia, because they can assure cheep electricity and cold weather all year around. It’s going to be the biggest mine on Argentina, there is already other mine in the area from 2018 BitPatagonia. [link to a news article in spanish](

I think it’s really good for the decentralization of the coin, that more countries will support building mines. Argentina have a terrible currency, it will be great if the government will start more adaptation for crypto, already many people are buying crypto here to protect from inflation.

I’m living in the Patagonia and news like that makes me wonder how much does it worth getting into mining if I don’t need refrigeration because of cold weather, and electricity is cheap… I have a place to put a big container. Am I crazy?

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  1. I see, they saw the news that BTC farms consummed more energy than the entire country of Argentina so they are creating one there to decrease the difference, big brain move

  2. I mean I would do all the math related to mining, choose hardware, calculate kw/h usage, costs to setup a place for a miner, etc. I know for a fact mining Bitcoin in where I live is a loss



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