$BITO – ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF is live

$BITO – ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF is live

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  1. Can’t buy it with my IRA on Merrill?

    >Trading of this security is generally not permitted on the Merrill platform. This order for a low priced security and/or for certain other securities has been blocked due to specific restrictions. (RES_CHK_RIT_ERR_RES_VAL)

    >This security is currently blocked and cannot be traded at Merrill. (RES_HH_DQ_IND_NOT_A)

  2. Up 3% 20 minutes in. Curious how this will go from here!

    All of the evidence indicates that CME futures act as the first price indicator on direction so we will see if this ends up taking over the lead.

  3. Stop attempting to fool the people into this kind of shit. No. That’s no just the beginning. It’s not great or I milestone or anything. Because this shitshow products have less than nothing to do with actual bitcoin. It’s a trojan horse trying to reduce the average Joes’s exposure to **actual bitcoin.** Which frankly is the *real deal*.

    **The truth is these future ETFs are an absolute shitshow. And believe it or not, no truely bitcoin pegged product will get an approval anytime soon. Why?**

    SEC knows if they approved an *asset-backed quality bitcoin etf*, bitcoin would soar like hell bringing bitcoin to $200k-$400k in a matter of weeks.

    And as you can certainly imagine there are some reasons this is not wanted:

    **1) Banksters haven’t yet accumulated enough**

    **2) Too many unknown whales outthere**

    **3) Way too many retail investors with way too much wealth in the end.**

    The products getting approval now **have nothing to do with actual bitcoins**. On top they come with heavy [downsides]( I strongly recommend to look into. In fact to me it’s quite obvious. Their sole purpose of being created and sold is keeping the crowd as far as possible away from **the actual investment of the millennium, Bitcoin itself**. And while everybody institutional is busy overcoming the remaining hurdles and getting into this derivate shit for their average Joe customers, in the background the privileged quietly and secretly keep stacking actual Bitcoin for highly undervalued prices. Until their greed is satisfied (which will never be) and the future etf bubble of hope pops as well, revealing bitcoins true price in some years. Which will be a lot higher then they’ll in between pretend it to be.

    This is why I won’t stop calling them out. They won’t get away with this. They won’t fool millions of people out of real bitcoin into some cowshitvalued investment piece of crap. Remember my words. Fiat money’s time is running out. And all of these fraudy banksters will fuckin go down with it. Remember my words.

    *People don’t be stupid! Keep stacking real bitcoins. And hodl. Sure, they’ll fight us…but in the end we’ll win*

  4. can anyone help me out and explain to me the difference between BITO (btc futures) and the GBTC (btc fund)?

    Not touching either as i hold btc itself, but just confused on the difference between the 2 as i am still learning finance and stocks and all that, ha ha. Thank you!

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