Bitswarm: A Market Place for Torrent Seeds Built on the Lightning Network

Bitswarm: A Market Place for Torrent Seeds Built on the Lightning Network

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  1. I saw the original pitch these guys did. It looks pretty cool, and these guys should be applauded for experimenting for sure.

    I think a tool like this is powerful because monetizing something like BitTorrent, will finally legitimise it properly. Some people use BitTorrent, and the network won the “I am not illegal” battle, but it didn’t win the “My users are not criminals” battle IMO. Imagine that instead of a client-server relationship, we simply rely on file hashes and bittorrent without seeds. Apps, Service providers, Content providers, anyone can forgo the URL, and instead use magnet links to provide the files and content they want to serve users and content providers will know that their content is not going to be unavailable because they are paying for the service to have it seeded and available.

    The parts I don’t get are:
    – What exactly does do here? AFAIK, it just routes messages through lightning payments to ensure e2e traffic between content creators and seeders are private and uncensorable… But TOR does this too. Lightning isn’t more reliable than TOR afaik, but maybe it will be due to incentives.
    – How does one know that Alice isn’t scamming Bob? Where is the proofs that a download occurred? As far as I know, this is a trust based system relying on good actors. They mentioned watch towers (or trackers) so that can be something to look out for.

    These aren’t small questions, had a hackathon for people to make something on their platform “because they can” but how much of this can be done without impervious and would a better system emerge without them still running on Bitcoin?

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