Block 650026

I was randomly looking at some blocks and found this block with only 1 single transaction in it. The previous and next blocks usually have thousands in them. Any idea why this one only has 1? There have been thousands of txs in September 2020. [Blockchain explorer](

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  1. There’s a gap between miners finding out that a new block was mined, and them finding out which transactions it removed from the mempool.

    So they start mining on top of the newly found block, but without including *any* transactions in their prospective next block. Because if they happened to include a transaction that the previous block had already processed, it would render the new block invalid, with all the loss of block subsidy that implies.

    It’s more efficient/cost-effective to spend a few seconds mining an empty block, while waiting for the recently mined block to download, pass verification, and be inspected to see which transactions it holds.

  2. It was solved 26 seconds after the prior block. When a new block is published it takes a few seconds to update the mempool and create a new tx set, create and compute the merkle tree and generate the merkle root hash. In the case of a pool there is also a delay in publishing that new solution to all the pool miners. That is time that you can’t be mining a block with new txs because you need all that as the input for solving the block.

    So most pools to gain a tiny bit of efficiency will have pool members start mining a simplified “empty block” while they figure out the tx set for the next block. If nothing gets solved in that first 30 seconds or so the miners of the pool will switch over to the “full” block solution but in this case they solved a block almost instantly and so the empty block was published and became part of the blockchain.



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