Blockchain: Beijing wants to make its mark on crypto


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• Beijing seeks to improve Blockchain technology with an automated project.
• BSN’s support is high, and Beijing could manage to complete it.

China has made attempts to enter into Blockchain technology. Beijing launched an initiative to bring order to the technology that works on cryptocurrencies. Many operational problems have occured to this technology, and the country wants to give it a correct technical standard.

Using an ultra-low server running an offer, Beijing calls on the Blockchain community to consider its proposal. If the method is successful, this could place China as a promoter of the new technology. This would also change transactions in China, making the country a new face of decentralized commerce.

China presents its initiative as the “Blockchain Service Network” or BSN, with a self-sufficient structure to support the high demand. The proposal will bring templates to standardize the crypto business, programming tools, help servers, etc.

The Blockchain serves as a point for crypto transactions to be processed throughout the network. This network is the intermediary in the process; it is open to use and works with a ledger.

He Yifan, an engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said the internet needs a revamp. Yifan supports China’s initiative to optimize the crypto market.

BSN project in process

With more than a year in operation, the BSN project has more than 2,000 users supporting it and several schemes related to the Blockchain. The project shows its potential, and US companies such as Boeing Co have tested it without problems. Also, Walmart Inc has also enjoyed the new technology for food tracking.

Gartner Inc says that the new use of this technology can give up to 3 trillion dollars by the end of the decade.

Blockchain since its inception

The Blockchain’s popularity was initiated by the inventor of Bitcoin, who is not yet identified. This technology was created in 2009 to make cryptocurrency units at its inception. Since its creation, Blockchain has different functions that help the crypto market to stabilize.

The absence of a standardized system on Block chain has caused its potential to be slowed down. The promise that BSN gives is that it will help change this scheme in Blockchain and give maturity to the internet. Alan Pelz Sharpe, the founder of Deep Analysis, says that the crypto community is fascinated by BSN because it improves the Blockchain.

BSN comes out of the planning agency in Beijing, China Mobile Ltd, the national development and reform commission. This merger between companies allows Block chain to expand to new horizons improving the current crypto market.

The news about this technology and its renewal by the Chinese government can be felt in the short future. The standards are already approved; it has good backing and enough technology and resources to put it to work. Beijing may be the driver crypto needs to evolve in the financial market.

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