Blockchain Board Games like Monopolist to Revitalize the Gaming Sector

Blockchain Board Games like Monopolist to Revitalize the Gaming Sector




Play-to-learn-earn game The Monopolist is bringing the century-old board game Monopoly to the blockchain. The game seamlessly integrates features for which the popular game is known such as rolling dice, buying land, construction of the real estate, and collecting rent with modern pop culture and top-notch graphics.

The newly released game, built on the BSC blockchain, is set to conduct monthly tournaments with prizes valued in thousands of U.S dollars. In regular play, users will be able to earn the games native $MONO and $MOB tokens. Winners will also stand to receive new characters and gaming items that they can either use or sell in the game’s NFT marketplace for fiat. 

What’s Happening Next?

Over $1 million will be raised for the Monopolist Ecosystem project. Currently, $750K from a private round has been successfully raised and $375K will be raised from the upcoming launch on Binstarter. The Initial Full Diluted Project Valuation is $10 million, the Initial Token Circulation is the 31 million MONO unlocked at the initial DEX offering (IDO), and therefore initial market capitalization is $310,000. The project is currently gearing up for its IDO on BinStarter.

Some of the project’s partners include BinStarter, Poolz, Oxbull, BSC Launch, Verichains, VB Ventures, Darkpool Ventures, Dutch Crypto Investors, Oracles Investment Group, x21, AU21 Capital, MG, Kangaroo Capital, NFTb, Good Games Guild, Manga Fomo Chronicles, Crypto Racers, Infinity Capital, Gems Lab, Gem Capital, Kommunitas, Golden Shovel, Thinksmart Brother Capital, Cheersland, BCA Investments, Asteroid Ventures, and Seed Thrift Ventures.  

The project roadmap for the first quarter of 2022 includes the release of version 1.1 of the game, which will be accessible using internet browsers, community events, and competitions, and the release of game version 2.1 which will support mobile use on both Android and iOS. During Q2 of 2022, the project will focus on heightened influencer onboarding, governance, token burning, and CEX Application and listing.




Monopolist’s Edge Over Regular Blockchain and Play-To-Earn Games

Besides being the first blockchain adaptation of the popular board game, The Monopolist brings something different than regular play-to-earn games. It has a “learn” aspect to it. Gamers will benefit by gaining practical skills and knowledge on subjects such as personal finance, investment, and risk management from the game.

In terms of target market and audience, the game was made with all ages, genders, and social classes in mind. In its initial phase, the game is targeted at users from North America, South America, and South-East Asia. It will later be extended to other parts of the world. 

The game comes as a much-needed break in the monotonous and predominantly male-dominated world of gaming. Unlike most blockchain-based games, The Monopolist is easy to learn even for newbies. It will also be a great way to introduce crypto to those with limited knowledge of the industry. It is also easily accessible as it can be played on PC, mobile, or tablet. The project also features a wide range of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). 

Users will have access to unique items such as tiered dice and medals and characters. The game’s legendary characters are an homage to some of the cryptoverse’s big names. There are two legendary characters that resemble Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Salvadoran president Nayim Bukele. As the project grows, new characters will be added.   

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