in introduces Bitcoin margin trading


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  • rolls out margin trading on its platform.
  • The option will be available for most countries worldwide, dealing with increasing demand. crypto exchange announced the launch of margin trading on its platform on October 12. As per the announcement, margin trading has been a highly sought-after feature by users globally. On that account, the platform wished to widen the convenience of its services through the component.

One hundred fifty nations globally will access this option, benefiting from its lucrative leverage. An additional advantage of the margin trading option is fees as low as 0.12% every day, holding a helpful card in maintaining its relevance among its competitors.

You can start your margin trading if you meet the criteria set by It is only available for users who are gold-verified and depending on the country you are in. Currently, the option is not present for the US, Japan, Canada, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, etc. More details are available when dealing with the margin trading agreement.

Increasing demand for margin trading

At the onset of the crypto market boom, margin trading has become a necessary part of the crypto sector. It was not the case a few years ago, as the market was skeptical about derivatives. However, the growing crypto market can limit some retail investors wishing to get their hands on the vast cryptos.

That being said, margin trading options are a way to navigate the marketing by using a lesser amount to get a position with whatever you need. If you wish to buy a certain crypto amount but you have inadequate funds, margin trading allows you to use that and get a position with the amount you need.

Volatility is an issue to deal with, but the rewards are vital to why margin trading is becoming more popular. All the same, you need to know the risks that surround margin trading and how to avoid significant losses.

Easy enrolling on

The steps you need to start your margin trading on are straightforward, saving users the hassle of complex UIs. Signup and login to your account and choose margin on the trade ticket option.

It would be wise to do extensive research before beginning margin trading to avoid unpleasant outcomes. You can continue to select the leverage that suits your investment interests, between 2x or 5x. A point worth mentioning is higher leverage puts you in a riskier position than lower leverage.

You need to choose the type and amount of collateral you expect to use to open a position and place an order. gives users a stop-loss option to minimize risks during margin trading, allowing the platform to close off unprofitable positions for you. still insists that users exercise caution during their trade and understand what they will be putting on the line.

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