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Hello Redditers.

Today I informed [u/blockchainwallet](/user/blockchainwallet) that I had found two significant security flaws within their systems. Both of these exploits are substantial and would be extremely damaging to their brand should they get into the wrong hands. These exploits put both customers crypto holdings and privacy at risk.

I have given []( 7 days to respond and fix these issues. Once this time has passed, I plan to share my findings publicly and alert any customers who are at risk.

I hope they will do the right thing and fix these asap.

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  1. So, the industry standard is more like 30 days to fix security issues before disclosure. While serious security issues *should* be fixed immediately, by providing so little time, you open yourself to liability. Blockchain may say they were about to fix it, then you caused everyone’s accounts to get hacked. The best thing to do is communicate with them to find out how quickly they intend to fix it. You are doing the right thing by notifying them and providing time to fix the issue. Keep it up by working toward a solution that keeps everyone’s funds safe.

  2. Why do you trust them more than the users ? They could just find a new exploit in the exploit you found, and use it for their own benefit ?

    (I am just theorizing and not giving advices) Wouldn’t it be wiser to *hack* them, they fix it , you give back or *unlock* what you *hack* ?

    Op you could have a random accident and the site gets randomly hack ? ( Too much trust )


    **Overall, I believe your post is FUD and has nothing to do with bitcoin!**

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