Blockchain devs meet at the Blockchain-Tech Summit

Blockchain-Tech Summit

On October 27-29, 2021, the International Blockchain-Tech Summit will bring together the world’s best developers in the field of blockchain technologies and fintech on one online platform.

Participants will share their experience and discuss the most pressing issues related to the creation of modern smart contracts, the development of digital currencies of central banks, as well as solutions for ETN2.

Best developers will met at the Blockchain-Tech Summit

Blockchain-Tech Summit, speakers and topics


The speakers of the summit will be:

  • Ziv Keinan, Simetria;
  • Tron Black, Ravencoin;
  • Irina Karagyaur, Polkadot and Kusama, Head Ambassador for Western Europe at Polkadot;
  • Kevin Owocki, Gitcoin;
  • Gregory Markou, Chainsafe;
  • and many others

The top management of such companies as Celo, Unique, Gitcoin, OpenSea, Simetria, Supernova, Algorand and others will also become speakers and participants of the Blockchain-Tech Summit.


Experts will discuss such topics as:

  • Ethereum Level 2.0 Solutions;
  • Consensus algorithms for compatible platforms (Polkadot and Avalanche);
  • CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency);
  • Zero Knowledge Proof – Privacy ;
  • The difference between smart contract languages and rust;
  • Smart contracts now and in the future: a master class on creating smart contracts;
  • The difference in structure between rust/solidity/haskell/ink;
  • The social impact of blockchain projects;
  • Regulation + DeFi;

How to partecipate

To become a participant of the summit, go to the website and fill out the form. Geekle provides free access for summit participants from all over the world, so that every developer, regardless of their level of training, has access to unique knowledge from world experts in the field of development. A paid package is also provided for professional developers, which includes an expanded set of options. 

The Blockchain – Tech Summit is organized by Geekle, which specializes in holding huge technical summits with more than 10 thousand participants from different technical fields.

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