Blockchain VS Hashgraph in one quote (+ all the popular questions)

Hey guys, here is a [breakdown]( of Hedera Hashgraph answering all the popular questions! To summarise the dfference between blockchain and hashgraph briefly, we can outline Hedera with just one quote from writer Rachel Hoffman:

>”It’s quite strange to look at the chaos and think: ‘Oh, there’s clearly a perfectionist living here’. But it’s quite typical.”

Hedera really may look like chaos, with a perfectionist lurking in it. Hedera’s acyclic method promises all the benefits of blockchain but excludes low transaction speeds. Though when it comes to speed, the [Gossip protocol]( comes into the game. It can handle up to 10,000 transactions per second, with verification occurring instantaneously.

You may read the [full article]( on Hedera Hashgraph technology and manage it on [ALL versions]( of Guarda.

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  1. Hederas approach is very interesting with the gossip protocol. However, it’s implementation seems completely at odds with what is wanted from a decentralised system.

    It is centralised because:

    * Swirl is irrevocably licensed to the Hedera Hashgraph platform and retains a licensing fee of 10% of the revenue ([Source](
    * You have only got to take one look at this **3rd** revision of the token distribution to see this is far from a fair launch ([Source](
    * A post from a while ago described the the council in as such. “all decision run through the 39 person committee. This is kind of like having a government made entirely an unelected senate!”. If it helps you sleep better at night thinking those 39 parties are unlikely to collude or haven’t got self serving ambitions then that’s good for you ([]( ( []( ).
    * There is very little infomation about who runs the consensus nodes and there are only 15 ([Source](,nodes%3A%20Consensus%20and%20Mirror%20nodes)). TBF I did read in the white paper they apparently plan on allowing others to run them in the future but I see very little action on this.


    Also hedera makes big claims of 50,000 – 100,000 transactions a second. However, it is actually only doing 32 TPS as I write this ([](



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