Blue Wallet – Simple Starter Wallet Options?

EDIT: as said near end, opposed to hardware wallets for now. Need to get my toes wet with another wallet before I plunge into spending $100+ on a hard wallet, though appreciated hardwallet recommendations aren’t wanted for now <3

Hey ya’ll,

So i’m new to BTC. I have a .25 BTC on Robinhood (I know I know, don’t lecture me about how horrid that is.)

But I cannot for the life of me figure out a good wallet option that I can buy my own coins and hold them. I’ve had like 500 different wallets recommended.

Is Bluewallet a good option? I’ve looked at the one recommended by []( and that one seems fine too.

What wallets are simple, easy, and secure that I can consider?- Blue Wallet- Nexo- Cashapp- CoinBase- Gemini- Edge (BTC & Crypto Wallet)- Binance- KrakenPro

I think I’m probably confusing places to buy bitcoin, with the places i should store my coins too. I’d love some help in understanding.

Some notes: I use android, I’m opposed to hardwallets currently while my BTC balance is relatively low.

What should I be looking for? What should I actively be avoiding?

Thank you guys!

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  1. Forget about them wallets and learn how to use a hardware wallet

    When RH enable withdrawals send your 0.25 to your hardware wallet.

    Buy on coinbase pro or gemini whatever but send to your hardware wallet.

    Blue wallet is the best of the ones you said and can be used with a hardware wallet but look at a ledger a trezor or a cold card as your hardware wallet.

    I have videos on hardware wallets on my YouTube Crypto Hodl

    All the best

    EDIT to your point on not wanting a hardware wallet. 0.25 is no joke. that could be a lot of money in the future don’t be silly and risk losing it on a mobile software wallet vulnerable to attacks. That would be a shame

  2. Do not get ledger they are not trust worthy. Blue wallet is really good.

    You want to buy from an exchange that allows you to remove the bitcoin from the exchange, like cashapp, and then store it in a wallet. Robinhood doesn’t let you take the coin of their exchange, so you don’t really own it. That is definitely the biggest thing to avoid. Don’t buy it off PayPal either, they do the same thing. I suggest looking up the coldcard by coinkite. Offline cold storage for the win baby!

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