Bluzelle Launches Second Swarm of Duty Validator Program as Mainnet Looms

Bluzelle Launches Second Swarm of Duty Validator Program as Mainnet Looms

Distributed database service Bluzelle has released details of its second validator program, Swarm of Duty II. The sequel to the maiden testnet, which ran in July, will provide developers, token-holders, and validators the chance to put Bluzelle through its paces and see what the network is capable of.

“Kicking the tires” of blockchain networks has become something of an event in crypto circles, as the incentives for participating in testnet events are ramped up. Whereas in the past, early supporters would interact with a project’s testnet because they were tech-minded and passionate about seeing it succeed, today’s crypto communities can participate out of enthusiasm or for more mercenary reasons.

From Bluzelle’s perspective, its team wants to spur as much engagement as possible, to stress test the network before the mainnet launch occurs. As CryptoPotato reported earlier, the project has also managed to enter Polkadot’s ecosystem.

Calling All Validators

More than 200 validators participated in Bluzelle’s first Swarm of Duty event over the summer. Bluzelle has structured its testnet events like military exercises, pitting different army factions against one another. Each of the groups participating in the event has different duties to perform, which sometimes conflict with those of other units. This is deliberate to determine how the network performs under adversarial conditions.

At the top of the pecking order are Special Forces (Tier 3), reserved for hardcore Bluzelle DevOps and developers who know the protocol inside out and are heavily invested in its success. Then comes the Armory (Tier 2), made up of validators who are experienced at running blockchain nodes and in earning fees for maintaining the network’s consensus rules. Finally, there is the Infantry (Tier 1), comprising end-users who wish to run their own node using their own hardware or cloud servers.

An Almighty Battle With Prizes at Stake

Bluzelle has devised an array of tasks for each of the groups participating in Swarm of Duty II to complete. For example, its Special Forces have been tasked with providing oracle price feeds by connecting to external data sources via API.

Oracles are crucial in enabling blockchains to execute smart contracts based on the outcome of real-world events, ranging from sports results to the weather.

Ultimately, Bluzelle is seeking feedback and suggestions of all kinds from its community on matters ranging from technical infrastructure to UX. As a result, it’s created an open category for creative ideas that will help to improve the network in every conceivable way. Swarm of Duty II is expected to be the final incentivized testnet before Bluzelle releases its mainnet. At that point, its 10,000 TPS blockchain will be rolled out to dApp developers.

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