Boat Accident As A Service (BaaaS) Industry Is Poised For Record Growth After Biden’s 40% Tax Proposal

President Joe Biden has proposed doubling the capital gains tax for people earning over $400k per year and for other wealthy individuals to as much as 40%, from the current 20% rates.

As a result, a number of investors have expressed interest in taking up boat rides and some of them have inquired into the accident history of companies offering boat ride services. On conditions of anonymity, the founder of a leading Boat Accident As A Service (BaaaS) company has stated that there has been a 140% increase in calls to his company in the last hour.

Boat rides have soared in popularity among cryptocurrency investors, and President Biden‘s latest proposal is seen as a landmark moment in adoption of BaaaS technology.

Pictured: [Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini’s Founders Enjoying A Fun Boat Ride](

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  1. In before “this only affects the rich”. In other words, this affects the job creators, which affects everyone, but at least we don’t have to listen that orange man ramble on about how important border security is.

  2. Pffft lost mine in a boating accident and when I do find them I give my European country a good good hug and wish them good luck when and if I take profits in my currency because they won’t be able to even prove my profits .



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