Bobbi Althoff Shuts Down Beef Rumors with Funny Marco: “I Never Even Saw You Before!”

Did Bobbi Althoff steal Funny Marco’s interview style? Hold up, fam, ’cause according to the stars themselves, that drama is straight-up cap.

Did Bobbi Althoff steal Funny Marco’s interview style?

Here’s the tea: A recent interview with both Bobbi and Marco (you know, the one where Marco spills about why he hates Snoop Dogg – what a plot twist!) sparked rumors that Bobbi jacked Marco’s whole interview vibe. But Bobbi ain’t here for the shade. ‍♀️

On Marco’s show, Open Thoughts, Bobbi shut down the rumors with a hilarious joke: “They say you took my stuff! But, for real, I couldn’t have stolen it because I wasn’t even watching you when I started!” Turns out, a friend put Bobbi and Marco on to each other because they thought their styles were similar. Wild, right?

Marco’s on the same page, fam. They both agreed that their interview style owes a big debt to Zach Galifianakis’ legendary Between Two Ferns. Basically, that awkward, deadpan interview style ain’t exactly new news. It’s all about putting your own spin on it, which both Bobbi and Marco do fire.

But wait, there’s more! Remember when Lil Yachty playfully roasted Marco last year, suggesting Bobbi stole his whole schtick and “obliterated his existence”? Well, it seems there’s nothin’ but love between these two now. In fact, the interview ended with Bobbi gifting Marco a whole bag full of cash! Talk about shutting down rumors with receipts, right?

So there you have it, folks. The internet interview game might be full of awkward laughs and low-key shade, but Bobbi Althoff and Funny Marco are proving there’s space for everyone to win. Now, who’s ready for some more hilarious interviews from these two? We sure are!

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