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The world of work is evolving rapidly. The many new trends that have emerged in recent years have altered a somewhat fragmented market. The recent events surrounding the pandemic have helped to accelerate this change. However, they have further exacerbated the mismatch between supply and demand, creating a scenario with a high percentage of unmet demand and consequently many vacancies. Bondex fits into this context as a new-generation professional social network, a kind of decentralized LinkedIn.

Bondex in the landscape of professional social networks

Using the potential of artificial intelligence, Bondex aims to make the job search process more efficient and to facilitate the alignment between the needs of the candidate and the employer.

Bondex aims to make the job search process more efficient

In addition, by leveraging fintech, Bondex offers a range of opportunities to accumulate credits and rewards that can be credited to the platform’s wallet. Crediting takes place via the native token, $BNDX, which is based on the Binance Smart Chain and can be used with the BEP20 protocol. BNDX can be lent, staked and used for payments. Holding tokens ensures shared ownership of the ecosystem. 

To earn tokens to deposit on the wallet, one can for instance invite new members and recommend colleagues to fill vacancies.

In essence, Bondex is much more than just a job portal, acting as a real universe in DeFi. All these features can be accessed using the proprietary Bondex Network App.

Purchasing the BNDX token

For those who want to participate in the project, it is possible to buy the token in presale directly on the official website: in 2021, 5 million tokens are being released in November at a price of 0.17$, and another 10 million in December at a price of 0.21$.

Alternatively, it is possible to enter a private presale via Athena Crypto Bank, a platform that allows investing exclusively in blockchain projects before the official IDO takes place. Thanks to an agreement with Bondex, Athena allows entry to BNDX at $0.15 per token. In addition to offering a discounted purchase price compared to the one proposed on the Bondex platform, Athena has a history of investing in highly lucrative projects such as defactor and adax that saw a 1000% appreciation at launch; leveraging its vast experience, Athena’s research team selected BNDX based on a careful assessment of the fundamentals, believing the project to be both solid and innovative, potentially generating a high economic return for the investor.

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