Botched Beauty Bargain!

Oh honey, you won’t believe the latest beauty blunder that’s got tongues wagging! A Washington woman,

Kimberly McCormick Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery

, took a trip to Tijuana, Mexico, for a breast lift and loose skin removal surgery, but she woke up with a whole different look! Instead of the procedures she requested, she ended up with breast implants and a Brazilian butt lift.

Kimberly says she went to the same clinic six years ago for weight loss surgery and had a positive experience. But this time, things went horribly wrong. When she woke up from the surgery, she felt pain in her chest and realized she had implants that she never asked for.

To make matters worse, Kimberly’s daughter, Misty Ann, tried to speak with an administrator after Kimberly was placed in a dirty room and developed a severe infection. Instead of getting help, Misty Ann was forcibly removed from the clinic by armed security guards.

“Inside I’m thinking, my mom’s up there, and I can’t leave her. I get to the door, and he pushes me hard, and there is this cement ramp, and I just go flying,” Misty Ann explained.

The clinic then demanded that Kimberly and Misty Ann pay an additional $2,500 for the unauthorized surgery and threatened to have them arrested if they didn’t pay. They were forced to sign a form that suggested Kimberly had requested the surgery, even though she hadn’t.

After leaving the clinic, Kimberly and Misty Ann went to a hospital in San Diego, where Kimberly received treatment for her infection and the botched surgery.

Kimberly is now recovering from her ordeal and is warning others about the dangers of medical tourism. She says she’s lucky that the damage isn’t worse, but she’s now facing another surgery to remove the large implants that she didn’t ask for.

Misty Ann has also contacted the FBI to investigate the case.

So, there you have it, folks! A cautionary tale about the risks of medical tourism. Do your research, people!

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