Brad Pitt Slammed by Son Pax Jolie-Pitt in Leaked Social Media Rant

In a shocking revelation, Brad Pitt’s son Pax Jolie-Pitt has been exposed for slamming his father in a scathing social media post from 2020. The post, which was uncovered by The Daily Mail, sees Pax, now 19, calling Brad a “world class a–hole” and a “terrible and despicable person.”

The post, which was accompanied by a picture of Brad receiving an Oscar for his role in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, also accused Brad of having “no consideration or empathy” towards his four youngest children, who “tremble in fear” when in his presence.

Pax went on to say that Brad would “never understand the damage you’ve done to my family” and that he has made the lives of those closest to me a constant hell.” He concluded the post by calling Brad a “f–king awful human being.”

A close friend of Pax’s confirmed to The Daily Mail that the post did belong to Pax. “It’s the account he uses for friends – friends from school mostly. He never says much about his parents, keeps himself to himself, so that was unusual,” the source claimed.

The revelation of Pax’s post comes amid ongoing tensions between Brad and Angelina Jolie over the custody of their six children. The couple split in 2016 after an altercation between Brad and their oldest son Maddox on a flight.

Pax’s post is just the latest in a series of disturbing allegations against Brad. In 2022, Angelina claimed in a court filing that Brad “choked one of the children and struck another in the face” and “grabbed [Angelina] by the head and shook her.” The filing also stated that at one point “he poured beer on Jolie; at another, he poured beer and red wine on the children.”

Brad has denied all of the allegations against him.

Despite the ongoing drama, it is hoped that Brad and Angelina can eventually put their differences aside for the sake of their children.

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