Brave is a Chromium web browser that earns you BAT for surfing the web.

Hey all. I’m newer to this sub and haven’t seen this talked about. Just want to spread awareness and give a shoutout to an awesome project that I adore, so please forgive me if this is already widely know.

To put it very simply, Brave is a Chromium web browser that earns you Basic Attention Token (BAT) for surfing the web. It is a very efficient ad-blocker, blocking even YouTube ads. It will track the ads that it blocks, the bandwidth it saves, and how much time it saves you each month and rewards you accordingly, up to .5 BAT a month. The mobile version works just as well. You can dig deeper to learn more than I’m willing to type out if you’d like here:



Try it out, see if you like it. I have been using it for months and am in love with it.

Good luck out there!

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  1. I’ve switched to Brave both at home and work. So far it has been much faster than Chrome, but it may have something to do with the fact I haven’t cleared Chrome cache in years.

    Also, the number of ads/BAT you can earn from them heavily depends on your location. In my country I barely get 2-3 ads per day even though I have set it to 5 per hour.

  2. I’ve received around 2.5 BAT for a bit more than 2 weeks of average use, like 3 hours use per day average I’d guess, it’s pretty good and BAT is a solid HODL coin

  3. Don’t use metamask on Brave. I lost my metamask seed phrase a while back but you can log in metamask extension on brave with a password. Thing is, Brave gives me no option to update metamask within brave so it is perpetually stuck “connecting to main Ethereum network”. Still in contact with their support but no fix yet. It pains me to look at that wallet address and not be able to touch those funds.


    Brave is as shady as any other advertising company, and their ultimate plan is to make money by selling you ads. They may not be as bad as Google or using vanilla-Chromium, but anyone thinking about using it should be aware of all the controversies in their short lifespan. IMO, the pennies you get from letting them advertise to you is not worth using Brave over Firefox.

  5. I’ve tried it. It’s not comparable to Chrome. Yes chrome stalks you, and that’s hot garbage. A privacy browser thar pays you to view ads is cool. But Chrome is a lot more than just a browser. It is also a password and payment vault, password generator, time capsule, among other things. It offers these services for free.

    You could absolutely pay for a password vault like daahlane and use Brave, which I did, but a month later I was right back in Chrome. Just having to port all my passwords over, not having my browser history and shit, wasn’t worth the 5 cents i got for looking at ads.



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