Break out the champagne!!!

Break out the champagne!!!

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  1. mine keep coming too — $18 bucks last week and $12 this week

    it’s a slap in the face to see them keep coming knowing that it’s probably all fake money that I’ll never see

    the worst is the party emojis that they use in the emails

  2. Ouch, if I remember right, 14.99 rewards in a week means you probably have about $2000 worth of BTC on Celsius or close to 0.1 BTC now.

    Could be worse, but I would be so upset if I had that much held hostage.

    Thankfully I took it off like a week prior. Thanks, Trader University

    I got lucky

  3. When bitcoin isn’t risky enough so you decide to give it all to someone else who you don’t know and who has almost zero accountability if they fuck it up… all for a 6.5% APY.

  4. Some interesting drama in their reddit.

    The Celsius community is trying (and so far succeeding!) in performing a short squeeze against those who shorted the CEL token like crazy and are now trapped in their short positions.

    Someone is offering a $20 million whistleblower bounty to anyone who can identify (with proof) people who intentionally attacked Celsius by attacking the price of all crypto markets.


  5. Outch, kinda smarts to get that weekly reminder that we been conned. I see alot of hype being pushed about a CEL short squeeze. But i cant help but hear it in Carlos matos’s voice everytime i read any of it.

  6. My mail today:

    Rewards Received!

    Your weekly rewards have been added to your account.
    This week you earned:

    Your weekly rewards have calculated to be < $0.01

    Rewards have been added to your account

    Give me back my money Celsius!!

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