BREAKING: Bitcoin CEO to Increase Prices

BREAKING: Bitcoin CEO to Increase Prices

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  1. I can’t comment, since I am a member of the board, and we have more meetings scheduled, but so far we have all voted that we need to raise Bitcoins price, we just can’t keep up with demand and this halving business is not making things any easier… suddenly its become posh to have 5% exposure to crypto holdings and Bitcoin is the one most often chosen. How did I become a member of the bitcoin board? I bought bitcoin and I became a hoddler. Yes you and I are bitcoin and I have decided that my bitcoin is worth more than what the current price is at. Thank you, feel free to ask questions. “I pa pa parraa pa pa pa, dingla dingla dingla oh, I pappara pa pa pa ra, dingla dingla oyhhhh……..”

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