Breaking: Canadian government promises to keep deficit within $400 billion this year – Thats $11 482 per Canadian in new debt


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  1. All good. I will take out a loan between 5-7%. Drop that into stable coins to earn interest, pull the loan out, pay the debt, and then flip the bird to the financial system.

  2. There is no such thing as free health care for Canada. We all pay into it from taxes. I am thankful for paid health care but we get taxed to fuck here you loose 42% of your salary per year to the tax man. We pay a ton for gas at the pump and 50% of it is tax. $1.30 per liter is a fucking rip off. It drives the cost of food, goods, and everything else up in cost. Canada as we know it is in serious trouble and anybody that thinks our government is gonna fix it is sadly mistaken. It’s gonna be difficult to have Health care paid for when job loss and unemployment is on the rise due to covid and poor management of the tax payers money. Wait until 2030 when automation takes most jobs it’s gonna be hard to make a living and universal basic income isn’t gonna be an easy thing to push like most believe this is the answer.

  3. That’s not surprising, since how do you expect the govt to manage covid-19, make the economy work, care for the people infected, and NOT spend more money than usual?….



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