Brokerage firm presents crypto trading project para US financial advisors

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• IBKR launches a crypto trading platform backed by Paxos.
• The new crypto trading for advisors will work with BTC, BTH, ETH, and LTC.

IBKR, an agency dedicated to global trade, officially announces that it will start with crypto trading for investment consultants in North America. In this way, the trading group will tackle the crypto market bringing profits to the RIAs.

The trading company will initiate the plan by enabling consultants to trade between Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. This platform will be linked to Paxos to make the trading process secure.

IBKR will support consultants in crypto trading

crypto trading

For a long time, more RIA or investment consultants have been getting involved in crypto trading. However, they had a difficult job because few negotiating agencies backed them until IBKR entered the game.

With the American trading company activating its crypto trading, the consultants can do different trades safely. These RIAs will access the stocks purchase, cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin futures, ETFs, and passive investments from a single online system.

According to the advertising agent at IBKR, this management in cryptocurrency trading will allow consultants to grow in their operations. The agent indicates that by including a new crypto trading, the RIAs can offer their services without problems to grow and support the brokerage company.

How is IBKR’s trading platform different from the competition?

Global trading company IBKR launches crypto trading for US RIAs, promising innovation. According to the agency, this trading platform will charge more affordable commission rates than other crypto agencies or exchanges. IBKR will focus on maintaining a low rate ranging from 0.12 percent to 0.18 percent maximum. Thus consultants will not lose money on the job.

So far, IBKR will launch its crypto trading for national advisors; however, it plans to expand its operations to other countries. Among other characteristics with which the service will stand out are that no care fees will be charged, much less for consulting.

The platform also plans to operate in around 130 integrated markets with four managed cryptocurrencies, but more will be added. The system has an automatic billing service so the consultant can show professionalism at work. Finally, the platform will allow TDC and debit for all RIAs in the United States.

Paxos, an equipment company with a Blockchain approved by the country, will support this new crypto trading system. The platform will aim to help newcomers to cryptocurrency trading take advantage of its current boom.

This service for RIAs will greatly benefit the decentralized market, making them reach new all-time highs in their value. For now, Bitcoin is trading above $61,847, getting closer to its historical maximum price in May.

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