Brothers and sisters, I’ve seen the light, and I get it now

* I understand Maximalism
* I truly understand what Satoshi created
* This is the beginning of the greatest revolutionary since the separation of curch and state.
* This is an opportunity for genuine sovereignty
* I understand the threats of buy ups
* I understand the threat of dilution through shitcoins and altcoins (Don’t get me wrong, some of these are noble endeavors – anti corruption, privacy, net neutrality in particular – but it’s mainly the creators, institutional supporters and investors of those projects who are the beneficiaries.)

*This is a long read, but I think it’s great insight into how a new user in the crypto community is behaving today, what they’re exposed to, bombarded by. You might be happy where your thoughts are or your knowledge, but this is about so much more.*

**How did I get to this point?**

**2015:** Post MT Gox. My friend re-introduces interest in Bitcoin. He was using it to buy drugs, awesome, but I liked the anonymity, understanding cash’s days were numbered.

He explained the basics, exchanges, mixing, wallets, TOR. I tried to learn about it, but being an undiagnosed dyslexic it was overwhelming, I just couldn’t get my head around it all, and I used to be hard on myself with stuff like that. So I shelved it.

**2015-2017:** Shit got fucked. Life was full of media driven public fear, terrorism, planes missing, Robin Williams, Brexit, Kanye, Trump, you ‘member.

**Late 2017:** The hype starts building again, this time in a really big way. FOMO starts kicking in for me, and you think it’s about to moon – but I was travelling and unable to get in on it.

I’m sure there would have been a lot of new adopters that were finally ready to take the plunge and got burned (and probably never returned). Many sold and took a loss, but the legends who knew HODled – because you don’t make a loss until you sell.

Anyway, I laughed and reinforced my misconceived idea of BTC and how lucky I was to avoid the whole mess.

**Mid-Late 2019:** I’d seen my dad (single) struggle all his life with money and I wasn’t prepared to risk what I’d earned. I joined a new bank, I’d shopped around for the best interest rates possible for a term deposit – ‘safe money’. The following month rates were cut and the rate I shopped for dropped. As the months went on the rates kept getting slashed.

**Late 2019:** I’d already started hearing whispers about COVID and its impending impact, and also understood that the stock market was artificially inflated – they knew. So I didn’t go near it.

**2020:** Then it hit. The stock market crashed. But it recovered quickly. People weren’t spending like they did before, so there was a lot of money around. But the world is paralyzed again, media driven fear, division, politics, pandemic.

**2021:** $GME! And the feeling in the air starts changing all of a sudden, the little guy has got some say in this world. I open a trading account, and open a crypto exchange account. Maybe the stock market thing kinda changed the way we were thinking, but we begun buying BTC and alt coins treating them as speculative commodities. I started reading about a bunch of different projects, finding ones I believed in, trying to get in early on the next big thing. This industry had grown and there was a lot of new terminology and institutions.

This is a daily habit now, a little in stocks and efts, more in crypto.

I noticed all the shitcoins moving the last couple weeks, while BTC had been pretty stable.

I read a comment on r/CryptoCurrency last week about a user getting banned in here for talking about being banned for posting about other coins here, I can honestly say that planted a seed in me. (But this can go the other way, be seen as alienating. I’m quite stoic and not emotionally attached to many of the projects I invested in.)

**Last week:** I came across this ad for, I’ve seen it around for a couple years. Cashback, cashback, cashback MF! Well, I’m a crypto guy now, I may as well get ahead of the game, earn some passive on my spending. I search every debit card, comparing their reputations, mixed results, but a lot of information out there. Who’s to know what is a good source of crypto news and what isn’t?

Fuck it, I’ve already got Spotify and Netflix and these guys are offering 100% rebate if I stake just XXXX and offering a return XX, with X% cash back.

I take the plunge.

My payment fails. Ah fuck, maybe it’s my limit. I’ll call the bank tomorrow. Crap, it’s good Friday, bank’s closed. Hmmm, I’m bored, CRO is trending up, they recently did a(n artificial) burn, there is a bit of hype, and their indoctrinated army is screaming x5, x10.

Maybe I’ll just get the tier down, that’s inside my limit. That didn’t work either, my bank must be blocking. Damn, I gotta wait the whole long weekend…

I start looking more into them, their CEO, watching interviews, scrutinizing his body language and his speech. Hmmm, this guy is a little sus. I do some more research and find out he’s been involved in another failed crypto start up a few years back. He’s also become ‘one of those’ full time CEOs.

I realize they’re getting people to stake and all these incentives, designed only to keep coins/money staked and in the system. They are very innovative and lots of new products designed to do the same thing.

How can they offer guaranteed returns that are better than what Warren Buffet could get you? And I see huge risk. I conclude they must be using fiat to prop up their card payments, there probably isn’t much movement of actual crypto once they get their hands on it. I would never want these guys to be holding my crypto.

This shit’s gotta be ponzi scheme.

(That’s all speculative, the mind can wander when it goes down the rabbit hole.)

Thank the universe! Thank you for looking out for me, I believe in you, I believe in something greater than us – in fate and destiny. Everything happens for a reason.

Later that night I stumble on this absolute legend called Rogzy – go watch his shit []( I can’t believe he only has 100s of views on his videos, when some of those scammers have +100K. Creaters like him need to be known and shared.

He saved my life, this guy taught me everything I had ever been hoping to lean. For free! He even built a free course. He goes through everything and provides some easy to understand material.

This is the kind of content newbies are crying out for, and it all helps the cause in the end.

**Some observations:**
*I’ve worked for a multinational propaganda machines (advertising agencies) covering the ass of clients including BP during the gulf ol Mexico oil spil, Car manufacturers during their NOX cheating scandals, among other things. I have an understanding that each one of our realities is different, and know a thing or two about the mind and how its being hacked at today.*

* New crypto content is created daily (podcats, websites, vids, articles, sociials) and the views shared here are becoming washed out. This can be countered by participating in different areas than you’re used to, or creating your own content.
* As time goes on things become normalized in our lives, and less exciting, the thrill something gave you doesn’t release the same amount of happy chemicals in the brain. Engaging with people and teaching is a great way to feel that excitement all over again.
* There is a general war on our intuition, in this day of over information in general, we are bombarded with ‘news’ and information that makes us for a conception of the world.
* I think a lot of the ‘stimmy’ money is going into shitcoins because the lure of striking it rich is too real, while BTC has a

**Some things you should know:**

* Unbiased media doesn’t exist anymore, the illusion is there, but those institutions are dead. Even ‘good’ outlets are bias, but they are trying to tug the rope the other way so they have agendas too.
* It’s the entitled children of boomers are running the show now, and while they wield a lot of power this gives us great opportunity. Narcissistic with big egos can become easily complacent.
* There are definitely orchestrated efforts from other projects through incentives, operatives operating as users, even with multiple accounts. It’s a complicated ecosystem, but this community isn’t as pure or united as it used to be.

**Competition Spotlight:**

* Binance: Why support a project that’s going to all this effort and creating all this risk, when there is the all mighty BTC. Why help make this dude a millionaire? [](
* Kris Marszalek – What a great CEO, so well spoken, articulate, so manicured. What’s he hiding? Where has their wikipedia page disappeared? And how are they offering these deals? ‘If it sounds too good to be, it probably is’. What’s thier end game? I’m expecting tears.
* XRP – Is this a project of the establishment, of big money? Is the SEC thing just one big marketing campaign? They are hold so much of the supply and have a really weird system for releasing more. There seems to be a big loyal group of HODLers who think this project is ‘the one’.
* Ethereum Project and a lot of the guys/coins that came out of that seem egotistical and narcistic. Why would you go here and settle for less when you have BTC?
* **Fuck Malta. (For tax evasion and regulation reasons (creates environment of no repocutions), the people are lovely.)**

*Some of these are just assumptions, half-baked ideas, half researched conclusions, general intuition and the leveraging of my lived experience/skills. I’m new to this space and don’t have a complete understanding of things. So this ain’t gospel.*

**Some things the community should remember:**

* Bitcoin has no marketing budget like the other coins and exchanges, it only has the community, you and I.
* Setting up a joint entity, or funding one that already exists so we can creat a marketing apparates, for th common good, would be in all our interest. Teamwork makes light work.
* IT’s important to grow and engage with all levels, all ages, and knowledge bases. Don’t become a recluse, don’t be afraid to visit other boards and shoot down trash. But keep it health for yourself.
* The community needs to keep investigating and scrutinizing 3rd parties, regularly. Analysis into what their objectives are, what changes they make. And sharing those findings.

**Some things you can do:**

* Create content, on whatever platform you like just create content. Keep it coming so this doesn’t happen. []( This has a nock on effect and big influence, again hacking peoples psych.
* Share your learnings, tips, tricks. Like what are the best and safest exchanges? (Why haven’t we built our own (could that even work?))
* When creating content, don’t be afraid to ask for any form of currency, we are still transitioning. Pay your bills and live of the fiat. Swap shitcoins in to BTC. (Hey, that’s a great hashtag campaign #Shitcoins4Bitcoins)
* Don’t be a snob, create videos about all crypto – even if you have an ulterior motive, write a clever script and frame it how you like. So you can reach a wider audience.
* Colaborate together, share your skills and offer support like seo, deign if you have the time. We’re a family.
* Keep innovating in the space.
* Get your BTC out of the exchanges, learn about security, set yourself up now, right now. Not tomorrow, do it now.
* Share content, it doesn’t have to be yours, just share whats out there. Use popular hashtags, reply to users on all platforms.
* Don’t be afraid
* Get out of your silo
* Take care of your health, eat well, get some fresh air, exercise, and always remember that you are an incredible person who has a lot to give.
* Have patience.
* Love yourself

**Things to remember:**

* You are an incredible person and you are special, the knowledge you have is valuable and worth sharing.
* Don’t flaunt what have, your wealth or your earnings, security, etc.
* The knowledge you have is only common to you only, you have a lot of experience and wisdom. Even if you’re hitting only a small
* Even if you’re not an expert you probably know more than someone else, so share what you know – but never
* Everyone learns differently
* Security, wallets and such can be daunting compared to the nice UX exchanges
* Don’t become complacent
* Never forget Mt Gox
* Never forget what happened to TenX [](
* Never forget that Elon pumped $1.5B (worth a lot more today) 5-10 of its total equity. (I remind myself of this everyday when my confidence is waning.)

Something is going to happen, it’s bound to happen, corrections will happen, but don’t be scared.

Thanks for reading, I didn’t expect to write that it just kept spewing out.

With peace, love and gratitude.

TL;DR: There is only one bitcoin, **there will only ever be one bitcoin**.

**There isn’t another shot at this**.

Be a doer, be an actionist, be part of this amazing community and keep teaching me, I have much to learn.

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  1. Thanks for writing this down and sharing, realize few will read it completely, but it did ring something with me (thank God I’m NOT normal 🤪).

    It just takes most people such a long time to process through all steps needed to really be able to look open and unbiased to Bitcoin or fully realize how the fiat system actually works.

    That’s why so few really understand or why it is do hard to explain it completely to people.

    Welcome to the Bitcoin family.

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