Bruce Willis’ 9-year-old daughter is studying dementia

Bruce Willis' 9-year-old daughter is studying dementia

Emma Heming Willis recently recounted an interaction with her and Bruce Willis’ 9-year-old daughter that reduced her to “an absolute puddle.”

In an Instagram video, the wellness influencer offered some insight into how her youngest child is responding to her father’s dementia diagnosis. Willis was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia earlier this year after living with aphasia and stepping away from acting.

The “Die Hard” star and his wife share two daughters: Mabel Ray, 11, and Evelyn Penn, 9.

“So Evelyn says to me the other day, ‘Did you know that people with dementia can become severely dehydrated?’” Heming Willis recalled in her Instagram post.

“I said, ‘I didn’t know that … but how do you know that?’ And she says, ‘Well, I was at school the other day … and I had some free time, and I was looking up fun facts about dementia.’ … She really is her father’s child because these two love some random facts.”

Since her husband’s diagnosis, Heming Willis has been using her social media platform to spread awareness about the disease and provide updates on how their family is supporting each other during this time.

“I said, ‘OK, Evelyn, we will always make sure that Daddy has a bottle of water in hand. Thank you for letting me know,’” Heming Willis continued.

“And I said, ‘But you know that is the most loving and compassionate thing that you can do is to be curious and educate yourself on your dad’s disease?’ … Keep educating yourself, stay curious, and remember to hydrate your loved ones.”

The Willis family has been in the spotlight recently due to Bruce Willis’ health challenges and Rumer Willis’ high-profile pregnancy. The eldest daughter of ex-spouses Bruce Willis and Demi Moore gave birth last month to her first child and her actor-parents’ first grandchild: a girl named Louetta Isley Thomas Willis.

Because of the spike in media attention, the Willis family has struggled with paparazzi chasing the “Sixth Sense” actor in public. In March via social media, Heming Willis begged photographers to “stop yelling” at her ailing husband when they see him on the street.

“Just don’t do it, OK? Give him his space,” she said. “If you are someone that is looking after someone with dementia, you know how difficult and stressful it can be to get someone out into the world and to navigate them safely.”

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