Bryant Gumbel finally gets hep to crypto



Pretty much sums how stupid the masses sound about now. Unless you seek crypto-savvy sources like Bloomberg, it’s likely your view will reflect head-in-the-sand takes by the likes of Maher, or incoherent blather from Musk and his ilk.

It’s 1994 my friends. For all intents the computer was invented in 1984; trust me, I had been using computers since 1981 and they were electronic abacuses. If you didn’t have the sense to use Apple, you’d wait another several years for “IBM” PCs to become usable. So, the interwebernets effectively was invented promptly on the heels of the computer. Analogously, history will tell that crypto transactions basically were adopted at scale immediately on the heels of Satoshi’s genius. The decade or so that’s ensued will be a pimple on timeline toward universal adoption of crypto assets. Before you know it 1T market cap will seem as quaint as a BBS or as Amazon when it sold just books.

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  1. People have been claiming it was 1994 in Bitcoin terms since I started paying attention to Bitcoin in 2012. I think this is hopium, to be honest with you. I think we are well past that point in 2021. Most people have heard the term Bitcoin, most have the ability to buy it through familiar institutions, even their own bank. We can’t keep claiming it’s 1994 after so many nations, companies, billionaires etc take it mainstream.

    We are in the dotcom boom phase of the game. Everyone is talking about “crypto” and tons of money is flowing into it. What was once a small world of geeks, anarchists, and idealistic weirdos has grown to the point that Tom Brady and Matt Damon are telling your grandma to buy.

    So yeah we are still early, but not Bryant Gumbel being confused by the concept of email early. In terms of a 9 inning baseball game, where the end of the game is hyperbitcoinization, I say we’re in the 2nd inning or so. Early, but the game has definitely started and there’s been a ton of action already.

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