BTC Airdrop Conflict

I joined the site through a telegram channel mocking binance dex service having a fake 6.000 BTC Airdrop and asking me to send them my bitcoin funds, promising that they would return them double through the binance dex fake “airdrop”. I wouldn’t believe them but their telegram channel was full of bots with fake users reassuring me that it was true through personal messages and even in their website, they had embedded an official Binance Dex video about the launching of their service. But due to my FOMO, I decided to give them a try and i withdrew my 0.06614129 bitcoins in their shared address 1MLVs6A6YFQZkQxYt9y8994MR5sYCDANGa in order to receive their “airdrop” but as soon the bitcoins were delivered, both the channel and the site disappeared. My funds were available in their shared address according to []( but it appears that they forwarded them into another address bc1q4m7f7j3ypkxe6j3nkzewkqh7rgla9msrn2r2sg according to []( so i can’t recover them anymore.Binance support isn’t even willing to respond to my submitted ticket (4545344) or provide any compensation. Their customer support service is awful.Binance TxID is b6f4ebff7d3478aed63f09ffc2882e80b0f99176324332a6a2e4e0f4be300a8aIs there anybody available who knows how to recover them and claim them back? I can provide 1/3 of my funds if they will be recovered.Is there anyone from available to provide any assistance?My BTC deposit address is 1F4gXLY5MdCkZ3MexFuyXCtPsbQLKAtXixPlease help me if possible to recover my funds.

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  1. Made an account just to comment that this is one of the reasons paypal didn’t enable withdrawals.

    Because people just don’t get it yet.. they throw their coins around like candy, and then cry only after they’ve lost it and realised its actually worth something.

    People don’t see it as money yet. They don’t cherish it as money yet. If paypal both allowed purchases and withdrawals, they would be inundated with support tickets from pissed off customers who fell for scams.

    This is like a parent using the child lock on a car door; people just don’t know any better yet.

    OP, let this be a lesson not solely for bitcoin but for life, don’t trust easy profit on the internet it’s always always a scam. Money never comes easy, ESPECIALLY not on the net.

  2. Asking Binance support isn’t going to help because Binance had nothing to do with this, and they’re not responsible for you falling for such a blatant scam.

    The bitcoin is gone, the best thing you can do is consider this a payment towards your own education on not falling for this type of nonsense. Hopefully you’ve learned a lesson.

  3. you got there via a chat that was mocking the airdrop? so you knew it was a scam and the personal messages were bots and you transfered the btc anyway?

    or did i missunderstand?



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