BTC and Crypto sextortion scams are ramping up

In the last few days I have received several sextortion spam emails asking me to send X amounts of BTC or they will release sensitive scandalous info about me.

The emails are getting more sophisticated and they are now including some old passwords that you might have used before (they probably got the emails and passwords from passwords dumps from hacked websites)

If you are new to crypto and/or those kind of scams, DO NOT FALL FOR IT. If you are still unsure or you are curious to see how many people might have fallen for the scam, check and paste in the btc address. It will tell you whether someone reported the address as scam before and how much does the address have in btc and how many transactions.

The address that I checked had close to 0.55 btc since last week! Not sure if those are victims sending btc or just the hackers putting some money in it to make it seem legit.

Stay vigilant and stay safe everyone!

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