Btc and small businesses

Btc is truly one of the best technology’s for a small business. We run a tiny coffee shop and accept BTC. It has truly opened our eyes to how the world should be run. We do business with the customer with no one else involved. No bank. No government. The customer can be anywhere in the world. We do not have to worry about any conventions in to fiat as we have an opportunity to buy our product from the wholesaler with BTC. So guess what. That’s what we do.
We love you BTC you have helped us in so many way.

Lots of love

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  1. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. I do believe as well this is how things should move on. Everything should be P2P without nasty bankers asking you 100s of questions about everything you want to do with your own money.

    Just out of curiosity, how you value the coffee, the raw materials etc… in BTC? Do you have a fixed satoshis amount regardless of current BTC price, or you re-evaluate the pricing based on BTC pricing?



  2. There are many better solutions (especially for small Shops) than btc, without fees and eco friendly! In my opinion BTC is a store of value and i would recommend to take a Look on Nano for example!



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