btc courses for newbies?

Total newb question here but anyone taking a bitcoin course of sorts? I’m seeing a ton of beginner videos about it ([]( Have some portion of BTC myself but not sure what all to do next i.e. buy more or hold?

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  1. Don’t stick to one person, don’t trade, don’t subscribe to any paid content about Bitcoin or trading and don’t shitcoin. The boring Buy Bitcoin & HODL works best.

    Plenty of resources everywhere, a good place to start:

    [The Bullish Case for Bitcoin]( – a must read or an [audio version]( of the article

    Many books recommended at [Loop’s blog](

    [The Bitcoin Times]( – different top Bitcoin authors

    [Fantastic read](

    Or if you prefer videos: Who Wants To Be A Bitcoin Millionaire? – BBC Panorama I like this video because it’s made for NoCoiners but still manages to explain how the whole technology works (second half). [](

    But how does bitcoin actually work? This video is a bit more technical, but still explains the block-chain technology in simple terms. [](

    Once you’re done with the first two. Bitcoin for Beginners – Playlist made by Andreas Antonopoulos Andreas is one of the best people in Bitcoin community and I feel like everyone has to meet him right at the beginning of their journey, down the rabbit hole. [](

  2. []( This guy is great to put everything in simple terms, but he also discusses other cryptos too if you’re interested

    []( CoinBureau is probably my favorite channel on youtube. This guy does an in-depth analysis of any coin on the market and why it is or isn’t a good investment. In-depth analysis may seem boring or scary, but he reveals real-world news and how it correlates to the crypto world, which is the most important thing to me



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