BTC: Nicklaus Children’s Hospital foundation to accept Bitcoin donations

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• Nicklaus Children’s Hospital expands its donation list options to include BTC.
• The NGO will work on crypto donations with The Giving Block.

Donations in BTC have become part of the solutions among charities to prevent your money from being lost. Among these organizations that have agreed to work with cryptocurrencies is Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, United States.

The charitable foundation put aside donations in dollars to accept another type of currency that represents the virtual market, Bitcoin. The foundation focuses on fundraising that seeks to support the patients of Children’s Hospital.

Nicklaus Children’s Foundation accepts BTC


Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation has worked for over 70 years, supporting children who suffer from any pathology. The hospital has long accepted donations in dollars from its website through bank deposits, but now it seems to renew itself towards a broader market such as cryptocurrencies. But not just any virtual token, but the one that can give you the best solutions in deposits, security, and passive investments.

According to the foundation president, this new payment method will allow more people in Miami, other North American states, or the world to send their donations without problems. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital would be taking advantage of the cryptocurrency boom that has caused more financial support. But the foundation would also enter storage systems with passive earnings since Bitcoin is a volatile price currency.

The NGO not only plans to accept BTC as a means of payment but has also revealed that it will soon accept other tokens such as Ether or DOGE. This organization also follows the crypto landscape that the mayor of Miami has been promoting in recent months with his MiamiCoin.

NGO in Miami partners with The Giving Block

The donations at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation with BTCs were possible thanks to The Giving Block’s support. The crypto donations website also works with Fabretto, Stop out Bullying, Southern CC Inc, and other charities that have accepted Bitcoin as payment.

Unlike the other NGOs, Nicklaus Children’s goal with these donations in BTC is to facilitate payment methods and not use decentralized currencies. The charitable foundation will only accept the token and automatically convert it into dollars or its USDT stablecoin.

These crypto donations are a great option for NGOs because the tokens are used by 4 out of 10 people in the world. These transactions are fast, secure and do not have an unfavorable interest rate.

The charitable foundation for children hopes that donations will increase in this New Year. From The Giving Block, the user will send their funds in over 30 tokens.

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