BTC, XRP and XLM helped rebuild a home

BTC, XRP and XLM helped rebuild a home

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    Today I made some profits off BTC, XLM, and XRP. The largest profit is $200 from XRP. We just lost our home to a Category 5 Super Typhoon and it’s actually the strongest landfalling typhoon ever on this planet. You can see in the pictures the millions of damages it has caused.

    My family and I have been sleeping without roof and with broken walls and broken windows since the 2nd of November 2020.

    The housing materials keep going up and up because there is a strong demand but less supply.

    So today I’m really happy that with these profits (it might not be much for whales) it enables me to buy some housing materials like nails and a few pieces of wood.

    I work overtime to be able to save some money to slowly rebuild our house and buy some more coins. I know I shouldn’t invest more than I can afford to lose, so I just buy a little each month.

    Truly thankful for Satoshi Nakamoto for inventing Bitcoin. And for the pumping of XLM and XRP. I bought these coins cause I believe in them.


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