Bullish Bitcoin News: Revolut Uses BTC And Hungary Just Revealed Satoshi Nakamoto Statue | CryptoGazette

Bullish Bitcoin News: Revolut Uses BTC And Hungary Just Revealed Satoshi Nakamoto Statue | CryptoGazette

Bitcoin has been exploding in popularity, especially in the middle of the global crisis in which we are. Back in 2020 and this year as well, the world has been confronted with one of the toughest hardships that our generation has known, and Bitcoin managed to prove its resilience.

The BTC popularity is on the rise, and the king coin managed to penetrate mainstream media as well.

Check out the latest bullish news about Bitcoin today.

Revolut uses Bitcoin for transactions

Check out a bullish tweet that popped up recently about the British bank Revolut and BTC.

Check out the following relevant notes as well:

“Revolut is paying for its US office rental with WeWork using #Bitcoin payments. How long before it’s their preferred international remittance service?”

It’s also vital to note that Revolut just got a banking license. Check out the official notes:

“Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that our application for a European banking licence has been approved by the European Central Bank. As you can imagine, this is a pretty huge milestone for us.”

The same notes continue and say the following:

“This license will help us towards our goal to build an account where you can manage every aspect of your financial life, with the best value and using the best available technologies.”

Hungary reveals Satoshi Nakamoto statue

Bitcoin Magazine revealed the following: “The goal of the statue is to honor Satoshi Nakamoto, the founders believe that his work is truly something to be remembered,” said the initiative’s website.

Regarding BTC’s price today, at the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red, and the king coin is priced at $47,383.22.

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