Business is business. Gotta adapt to customer needs to make money.

Business is business. Gotta adapt to customer needs to make money.

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  1. Yes they talk bad about products to keep prices hammered then they swoop in and scoop up enough to control the market. Happened all the time in history. What do you think caused the Prohibition in the 20’s and now the Cannabis industry of today. They haven’t legalized it yet because they don’t control the market yet. Just wait though, it will happen through legislation after the right people get paid off.

  2. ***Individuals*** owe it to themselves to buy Bitcoin, send it to their own (hardware) wallets, then hold long term.

    Only fools will trust BlackRock or any other custodian, for which there is no need.

  3. “Well obviously, if you think as we did that Bitcoin is going up and want to buy some before moon, you gotta convince someone out there to dump them. Just common sense.”


  4. Famous quote:

    > First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.

    > – Nicholas Klein, 1914

  5. A lot more money has been laundered using JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs than Bitcoin. Money laundering has been around a lot longer than Bitcoin.

    In fact if you’re laundering money or engaging in criminal activity Bitcoin and its immutable openly searchable ledger is the worst choice.

    The people at Blackrock are just plain stupid

  6. Just not produced headlines, constantly being churned out.

    Mainstream media is on its ass and relies on cheap churn out crap or sensationalised nothing stories.

    Leave it to die.

  7. Makes me kind of afraid that BR and their like are now able to buy via Aladdin system. I mean, if BR was able to utilize even 10% of their AUM for Bitcoin otc buys, they would be able to completely control the market. I know, though, that these types already kind of do.

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