Busta Rhymes invests in Bitcoin after B-word conference


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  • American rapper stakes on Bitcoin after B-word conference
  • Busta Rhymes tweets asking about crypto from his fans
  • B-word conference makes giant impact on crypto industry

Legendary hip hop rapper Trevor George Smith Jr, aka Busta Rhymes, has declared for Bitcoin after Wednesday’s B-conference.

According to Busta Rhymes, he was convinced after seeing Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Cathie Wood defend the number one cryptocurrency, which prompted him to stake in the crypto.

While expressing optimism on his investment, Bust Rhymes said he looks forward to staking on Ethereum next. The legendary rapper’s entry into the crypto market comes less than 24-hour after the B-conference as he sounded excited in his tweet to his 3.8 million followers.

In another tweet, an obviously excited Busta Rhymes said his biggest highlight of the online event was Musk outlining the similarity between corporations and governments. While speaking on the topic, Musk stated that the “government is the biggest corporation of all, and it’s got a monopoly on violence.”

However, what particularly excited the rapper on the Tesla CEO statement remains unknown. Before now, Busta Rhymes, weeks back, revealed that he was watching the crypto market and could debut in the space. However, the final push for him was Wednesday’sWednesday’s B-conference.

When Busta Rhymes first asked about investing in Bitcoin

Two weeks ago was the first time the rapper Tweeted asking about crypto.

“Anyone here into #crypto? How ya’ll feeling about? His tweet read.

Apparently, he had a positive response from his fans as he began asking more crypto-related questions. Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, interestingly also offered to help the rapper better understand what the market is about.

“All jokes aside, I’m loving the vibe and energy of learning educative conversations. It all correlates to success and powerful thinking, Busta Rhymes tweeted again.

However, his tweet today was about getting totally into the market.

The B-word conference that pushed Busta into Bitcoin

The B-word conference was organized by the Crypto Council for Innovation. It was described as a global alliance of crypto industry leaders with a mission to demonstrate the transformational promise of crypto and communicate its benefits to policymakers, regulators, and people around the globe.

The conference had a massive impact on Bitcoin also as prices began to go green during and after the conference.

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