Buy Bitcoin with no fees on Strike App. Looks like I won’t be buying on Cashapp anymore..

Buy Bitcoin with no fees on Strike App. Looks like I won’t be buying on Cashapp anymore..

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  1. my cleaning lady gets 75$ a week from me. I convinced her to split that and put 20$ in to Bitcoin. She’s already up 400% on her decision since awhile back. Now I’ve convinced her to send her sister in Nicaragua part of the remitance in btc and loaded strike on her phone, showed her how easy it was to send sats and she asked me to link her BofA to Strike. Being undocumented the whole thing ended there; no SS. She needs a ramp, so she can show her friends here in US. She asked me to be the exchange for them but I’m afraid of 3 letter tirants.

    Any tips for them. I don’t want to be an exchange.

  2. I would like to understand more about how they make their money. Jack was deflective when asked about it by Peter McCormack. Internet companies have taught us, “If you’re not paying for the product, you’re the product”. Though there are exceptions like if it’s a loss leader.

  3. I tried out Strike, their security is laughable

    There isn’t even a password — your only option is SMS verification

    Lemme get a password and lemme get real 2FA

    I wanted to like it, but I can’t abide by their minimal security

  4. I tried to use Strike. I was verified even before they came out with a Buy Bitcoin feature. So I download the app again fresh last month. After not having it for 9 months or so.
    They gave me an absurd $25 per TWO weeks deposit limit.

    I inquired. Their support is kinda retarded like Cash App so I had to ask twice about it bc the first Rep did the absolute bare minimum.
    The next Rep answered me with some cryptic shit of they have a complex process of what limits are. He also said he would elevate my request to have my deposit limit raised. But no guarantees.
    I told him I read on Reddit where someone said they were verified, same low ass deposit limit, and had a friend that was not verified and their deposit limit was 100 per week.

    I also went on to say that this is all a bunch of complete bullshit and to elevate the request up their ass. I have established financial history with excellent credit, a mortgage, and you motherfuckers have all my personal info including my social. And you have the balls to give me a $25 per 14 day deposit limit.

    I think that you mean “fuck off.” Which is what I did.
    I deleted the app and didnt look back. Their shit is not ready for the big show yet. Obviously. And no, I wasnt as crude as how I typed above. With the “motherfucker” stuff. But I did let them know it sends a very shitty message to anyone that gets verified. Unprofessional.

    They replied the next day and said they were sorry and my limits were increased. I have not checked. As I meant what I said.

    Fuck the fees as long as they are decent and not highway robbery. You won’t care about it a decade from now anyways.

  5. A spread in the price is a fee. Just more of a hidden not honest one. I’d rather pay a fee then buy and sell at a spread and 🤔 think I’m not paying for the service

  6. Look, whether it’s through fees or the spread, platforms like this need to be able to make money to cover costs. At the end of the day you pull the trigger on an amount that you are comfortable purchasing at a price you agreed to. If you are stacking and DCA’ing and are long on bitcoin – so what!. I’ve been using strike for the last month or so and I find it to be extremely easier and lower in cost than some of the others.

  7. I used strike twice yesterday.
    Once to sent BTC to my card and once to send BTC to a friend.

    Took about 30 min for to update.
    Took a few seconds to send to my friend via ⚡

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