Buy Your Sandwich With Bitcoin: Quiznos Launches BTC Payment Pilot at Select Restaurants

Quiznos Launches BTC Payment Pilot at Select Restaurants

Bakkt Holdings recently announced a partnership with Quiznos to launch the pilot for their new Bitcoin payment system. This will allow Bakkt users to purchase food at some Quiznos locations in Denver using the digital asset.

Quiznos: Buy a Sandwich With Bitcoin

Bakkt users will be able to utilize the pilot in certain Quiznos stores across Denver starting this month. This includes the high-traffic Denver airport location.

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Chief Revenue Officer at Bakkt, Sheela Zemlin, expanded on the significance of the new system being adopted by Quiznos:

“This is an exciting tentpole moment for us as we connect the next generation of customer experiences to the digital economy… Through this partnership, we are introducing unique experiences to Quiznos customers by enabling them to take advantage of new ways to interact with digital assets and bringing bitcoin utility to the mainstream consumer market.”

Upon monitoring the performance of the new pilot, Bakkt may “expand the partnership” to Quiznos locations across the country, according to Zemlin. According to ChainXY, there are now 216 Quiznos restaurant locations across the U.S.

President of REGO Restaurant Group (which owns Quiznos) Mark Lohmann explained why he believes the partnership is beneficial to the company.

“Partnering with an innovative platform such as Bakkt is appealing to us for a number of reasons, primarily because it allows us to accept bitcoin directly at the point of sale as part of a quick and seamless transaction.”

Lohmann added that the company is excited to offer yet another way for customers to purchase their food, using the Bakkt digital asset wallet in this instance.

Photo by Quiznos

Bakkt’s Other Institutional Partners

Bakkt began as a futures trading platform for institutional investors, but now also operates as an intercontinental exchange. It was formerly owned by Kelly Loeffler, wife of Jeffrey Sprecher– the New York Stock Exchange owner.

Bakkt has been responsible for increasing crypto adoption among other major institutions besides Quiznos. After launching their app back in April, users can use their digital wallet to reload their Starbucks cards, while providing payment solutions to over 3.5 million members of GolfNow.


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