Buying A PS5 Might Get Even Tougher in 2021 As It’s Now Being Used For Crypto Mining

PS5 is so hard to get, now its being used for eth mining. A simple brainlet like myself wants to think that this is not going to be efficient and sort of just a gimick, but I don’t really know for sure. I also want to think if you were really mining eth, you wouldn’t just cop a PS5 to do it, but it is fairly cheap. With everyone wanting want this seems absurd, but logical.


Edit – link – [](

Edit 2 – apparently I got played and it’s a fake. You can scan the QR code and translate from Chinese to see that this software doesn’t exist. Sorry yo.

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  1. The screenshot shows 98 MH/s. I believe that’s similar to a 3080.

    If that’s true and the screenshot isn’t a fake, I could see people setting up huge clusters of PS5s for mining in the near future.

  2. This is bullshit.

    The PS5 has not been hacked yet.

    At least they could have made the hash rate believable. 98MH/s is almost as fast as the 3090 which is 120MH/s. PS5 $600, 3090 $2k. This would mean the ps5 has the second fastest hash rate and the cheapest price.

  3. Not sure that’s going to have a real impact on PS5’s – It’s a hacked system at nearly double native million hashes per second.

    Cool nevertheless, but not something I’d think that would impact sales. (Or something I’d risk on a new PS5 tbh..)

  4. This won’t end well….. So Gamers Nexus did a video a few months ago showing that some of the memory silicon on the SOC of the PS5 was reaching heat levels upwards of 95°C which could be problematic down the road.

    If people are running these things 24/7 for the sole purpose of mining, they’ll be fried within a year, mark my words…

  5. I mean.. why not? I guess?

    I wonder if most tech in the near future will have a “mining” switch when you’re not using it and it just mines in it’s downtime.



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