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I’ve now tried to buy bitcoin on both []( and Coinbase. None of them went through yet took money from my account (used a card to buy). Can anyone help me figure out how to get a refund and where I should be able to buy bitcoin without problems like this?

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  1. >None of them went through yet took money from my account (used a card to buy). Can anyone help me figure out how to get a refund and where I should be able to buy bitcoin without problems like this?

    First, **DON’T REPLY ANY DMS**. If anyone want to help you, they will do so here.

    A card payment could be the reason why it’s taking longer or not happening at all. Consider to send a payment directly from your account. Here’s my short guide:

    Congrats on the move, it’s never too late. ONLY INVEST MONEY YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE.

    Price wise, nobody knows what the price will be tomorrow, nor next week. Statistically, it’s less than four years from now. Anyone who bought Bitcoin at any point in the past and held it for 4+ years is in profit.

    **Try “Bitcoin ONLY” strategy for at least first year**, you’ll sleep much better. Newcomers lose so much money, holding garbage tokens just because someone on YT told them to.

    Going DCA is probably the best approach, IMHO.
    Bitcoin to me, is a savings account. If I have some spare cash, I exchange it for SATs. Once a week works best for me, but I’m getting paid weekly. If there’s a 10% drop in the price since my last buy, I usually double my buy. This [DCA calculator]( might help to decide what will work best for you. In a few years, even $10 dollars a month can make a massive difference.

    Now, don’t buy a fake Bitcoin at etoro, RH, PayPal or similar, get the real thing. Register at a proper exchange and buy real Bitcoin. Any of these will do [](

    Install (or buy – in case you’re getting Bitcoin in Thousands of $) one or more of these wallets.

    A few good wallet choices:

    []( – Top Security Features, Open Source and Non-Custodial

    []( – excellent, easy to use wallet, Open Source and Non-Custodial (although, Lightning is custodial!)

    []( – Excellent privacy, Open Source and Non-Custodial

    []( – Solid choice, Open Source and Non-Custodial, one of the oldest and most trusted Bitcoin Wallets.

    Lightning wallets to consider (cheaper and faster transactions, great for very small amounts):

    []( – Phoenix

    []( – Breez – excellent POS for small business owners as well as integrated Bitrefill or LN Pizza

    []( – Muun, simple and elegant LN wallet

    Hardware Wallets (to store larger amounts):

    []( – Easy to use, no matter how new in Bitcoin you’re.

    []( – ColdCaard is currently the safest and most recommended here.

    There’s also Ledger, but I wouldn’t recommend as not fully open source, keep and already leaked customers’ details, etc. Whatever wallet you’ll decide to buy, purchase DIRECTLY from the manufacturer, no eBay, no Amazon.

    Make sure the device is NOT preset, and you will generate your own seed words. Write them down on any piece of paper as well as the receiving address. Now wipe the wallet and generate a new wallet. If the seed words are different than the first set, you’re safe to use it.

    Find an option to set a passphrase and use it. This will boost the security to another level. Never store the seed words and passphrase together. Use a different medium if possible. If somebody finds both, they’ll be able to steal your coin.

    This little device will hold the keys to your money, that’s the reason why you have to be a bit more careful. Also, no worries, if it breaks, you can replace it – as long as you keep your seed words and passphrase(s) safe.

    Welcome to the rabbit hole and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions anytime during your Bitcoin journey.

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